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Genfanad Getting Overhauls and Expanded Content To Deepen Its Systems in 2023

Indie MMORPG Genfanad, which released last year after a successful crowdfunding campaign, is reworking its core experience and expanding systems and content.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Should You Play It?

Wild Terra 2: New Lands is a sequel to Wild Terra Online by Juvty Worlds, released in 2017. Five years later, New Lands seeks to offer a fresh experience with revamped gameplay mechanics and tons of new content. But how does it stack up? Kanishka gives it a go.

Should Indie MMORPGs Be Scored on a Different Scale than AAA Games? | One Good Roll

In this week's One Good Roll, but this week, Steven contemplates whether Indie games and AAA games should be scored on the same scale.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Releases a Month-Long Open Alpha in Coordination with Their Kickstarter Campaign

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is an indie game that has graced our Indie MMO Spotlight through the insistence of our community. Swedish developer Gellyberry Studios is determined to make this fantasy MMORPG completely subscription-based, but in order to do that, they'll need plenty of funding to continue development. To that end, they have started a Kickstarter campaign, where they are asking for a funding goal of a mere 63,000 dollars (60,000 euros).

Mist Legacy Blends Skill-Based Systems With Classic Turn-Based Combat

Independent MMORPG Mist Legacy is in early access. The game is made by a tiny team and features old-school top-down map and turn-based combat.

TitanReach Suspends Development, Citing Funding Struggles

Indie MMO TitanReach, developed by Australian indie studio Square Root Studios, has paused devleopment on its game, citing a lack of funding as the reason. The studio states that despite opening up credit store last year, as well as the funding achieved through its community the last few months, its funds have 'dried up.'

Indie MMO Megania Online's Open Pre-Alpha Coming August 20th

Indie MMO Megania Online is hosting its pre-alpha phase, which will be an open alpha, this month. The pixel-art MMO will see the pre-alpha begin on August 20th.

Indie MMO Spotlight - Early Access, Growing Pains, and Summer Events

This week there was a lot in the Indie MMO scene, and Mitch is here to break down some of the goings on with the smaller MMOs out there.

Indie MMO TitanReach's Early Access Will Be Free To Play, Backers Will Receive In-Game Items As Thank You For Purchasing

TitanReach, the upcoming indie MMORPG from Square Root Studios, announced today that their upcoming early access period will actually be free to play. Those who did purchase early access....access...will recevie some in-game loot and titles as a thank you as the MMO gears up for its eventual launch.

Ship Of Heroes Beta Test Coming On August 7th, Shares Details Ahead Of July 31st Sign-Ups

Ship of Heroes' upcoming beta is slated to begin on August 7th, and the team behind the MMO is giving a glimpse into what players can expect from the three-week long event.

Indie MMO Spotlight - Flight, Particle Effects And Signups Galore

Focusing on the smaller indie studios, join Mitch every Sunday as he recaps the week that was in the indie MMO genre.

Project Gorgon Adds VIP Subscription, Offering VIP Benefits Like Access To Offline Skill Training, Inventory Slots And More

Project Gorgon is adding its VIP subscription with today's patch, bringing perks to those who decide to pony up the montly fee for the indie MMO.

Key To Heaven, Indie MMO, Says Over 6500 Characters Have Been Made Since Its Launch, Talks Next Big Update

Key To Heaven, a 2D indie MMO, just dropped a major new update to the Early Access online RPG, as well as announced via a press release that since its launch its seen over 6500 unique characters created.

Saga Of Lucimia Creator No Longer Involved In MMORPG's Development

Saga of Lucimia creator Tim "Renfail" Anderson has stepped away from the creation of the MMORPG that bears the IP he created, according to a post on the developer's Patreon.