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Thieaudio Legacy 2 Review

Looking for an affordable pair of headphones to take on the go that also sound great? Thieaudio thinks it has the answer with the new Legacy 2 in-ear monitor. Coming in at $99, find out in our review if it succeeds.

Moondrop Aria Earphone Review

Moondrop has been on a roll with its earphone releases this year. Between the Starfield and the Sparks, it's proving you don't have to break the bank to find a great-sounding earphone. Does the Aria continue this trend? Find out in our review!

Fiio FH5s Review: Dragonscale

Fiio just released the latest entry to its line-up of earphones, the FH5s. Featuring four drivers in each ear and a semi open-back design with a dragonscale finish, is this earphone worth a buy? Find out in our review!

Tin HiFi T5 IEM Review

Tin HiFi is a brand that made its name on delivering excellent sound for a competitively low price. The new Tin HiFi T5 comes in at $109 but does it impress in this crowded market? Find out in our review.

TRI Starshine Earphones Launch Today

Courtesy of HiFiGo, we have word of an exciting new pair of IEMs from TRI with the brand new StarShine earphones. The company has been hard at work introducing a series of new IEM's into the market of late with the TRI StarShine's boasting some impressive new specs and rare electrostatic drivers.

HiBy Announces New Flagship, 6-Driver Headphone

Hifigo has announced that their latest IEM (In Ear Monitors), the HiBy Crystal 6, are now available for pre-order at an early bird price of $399.99 USD until March 25th. These multi-balanced armature drivers promise to deliver incredible sound and quality at a fraction of the size and power requirements of traditional dynamic drivers.

Thieaudio Legacy 4 Review

This summer, we asked if the Thieaudio Legacy 3 was the best IEM of 2020. Today, we're looking at the next step up with the Legacy 4. It's a step up in every way, but is it worth extra cash? Find out in our review!

Moondrop SSP Review

In June, we reviewed the small and budget friendly Moondrop SSR earphones. Today, we're taking a look at the SSP, which is similar in style but tuned for fun. At $39.99, is it the earbud for you? Find out in our review!

Tin Audio T2 Plus Review

Looking for an affordable pair of earbuds with enough detail for gaming but that also sound great for music? Tin Audio thinks it has the answer with the Tin T2 Plus. Read on for our full review.

NICEHCK Releases NX7 MK3, a Customizable and Affordable Seven Driver IEM

Courtesy of HiFi Go, we have the news that NICEHCK is releasing a brand-new version of its NX7 in-ear monitors that should be exciting for fans of high-end designs, customization, not breaking the bank. Each IEM features a whopping seven drivers and is customizable to fit your taste.

Mangird Tea IEM Review: 7 drivers per ear!

Linsoul Audio recently sent over the Mangird Tea for us to try. Featuring seven drivers in each ear, it's an impressive package, but at $299 doesn't come cheap. Are you an audiophile looking for your next upgrade? Read on to see if this is for you.

Kinera Freya IEM Review: Artisanal Earphones

We've spent the last two weeks with the Freya IEMs. They're hand-painted and beautiful, but does the sound live up to the appearance?

ThieAudio Legacy 3 Review: Best of 2020?

ThieAudio may just have the best headphone of the year with the Legacy 3 and it's just over $100. Read on to find out why.

Kinera Announces Stunning $1399 In-Ear Monitors, Dubbed "Baldr"

What's in a $1399 earphone? Kinera is ready to clue you in with their new flagship IEM, Baldr.

Moondrop SSR Review: New Budget Champion?

Moondrop has impressed us this year with its balance of quality and price. Does their latest entry into the budget market do the same?

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