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Temtem Opens Its First Major Competitive Series This Weekend

The first Temtem competitive series is here. The Temtem Championship Series kicks off with its first regional tournaments this weekend, all leading to the Temtem World Championship in September.

New In-Depth Temtem Trailer Shows Off All Major Features Coming For Launch on Sepember 6th

Temtem is coming on September 6th, and developer Crema and publisher Humble Games are ramping up the final weeks of pre-launch reveals with a new in-depth trailer delving into all of the game's major features.

Temtem Gets A 1.0 Release Date, Launching Out Of Early Access On September 6th

Temtem, the creature collecting title by Crema and Humble Games, will finally be releasing out of Early Access later this year. Coming on September 6th to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon-inspired MMO will bring with it new features, areas, and more.

Upcoming Tactical RPG The Iron Oath Has a Demo and New Trailer from Steam Next Fest

A new trailer for independent tactical RPG The Iron Oath is out, along with a brand new demo to play.

Temtem: A Pokémon Master's Adventures on Archipelago

With all the buzz around Pokémon Legends Arceus, we decided to take a look again at the creature collecting MMORPG, Temtem. Scott details his early plans in the MMO in our first column on the game.

Temtem Recaps Its First Year Of Early Access As It Preps For Next Major Update

It's been a year since the early access monster-catching MMO Temtem released on Steam and the team behind the MMO has had an eventful one since the release. The team took to a blogpost late last week to detail some of what happened and the milestones they've hit since its initial early access release.

Not So MMO: Carto Review

Carto, a charming puzzler following a young girl's journey to return to her grandmother, brings with it some new concepts that caught Jason's attention, scratching that exciting itch when seeing something new. But how does the indie puzzler hold up overall?