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Show Off Your Amazing Creations in Star Wars Galaxies: Legends' Galactic Homeshow Contest

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is taking submissions for its latest Galactic Homeshow contest.

Final Fantasy XIV Reveals When New Housing Wards Will Be Available With Patch 6.3

Housing fans and potential homebuyers have something to look forward to in the latest Final Fantasy XIV update, with new housing wards added when 6.3 drops. Square Enix revealed today exactly when that will happen after the launch of the new patch.

Final Fantasy 14 Talks Expansion Of North American Servers Which Is Coming November 1st

Final Fantasy XIV is setting the stage for its expansion of the North American servers upcoming next month, and a new post on the official website talks briefly about what this means for players.

LotRO Devs Talk Housing Updates In New Interview, Confirms Next Neighborhood Is Neither Human Or Dwarf

In a new interview, LotRO's dev team talked housing, specifically the future of the feature, improvements to the housing system, and teased what the next neighborhood won't be in Middle-earth.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Gearing Up To Demolish Homes Again

Demolition is coming back to the neighborhoods in FFXIV, so long as you haven't entered your homestead in time.

New World Shows Off Housing In Amazon's MMO Through New Video Series

Amazon's New World is continuings its...unique...take on pushing their game through a new video series, this time giving a glimpse into player housing. The video, which feels like it should be a cringe realty show on TLC, sees two characters looking for their 'forever home' in Aeternum.

City of Titans Community Update Is All About Houses and Bases

Housing is a feature many of us like to dabble with in our favorite MMOs. City of Titans, the Kickstarted superhero MMO, just shared their most recent community update which takes a look at houses and bases.

Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Housing in Swords of Legends Online

Housing is a huge part of RP'ing in MMOs. Some of us like to invest heavily in them as an escape, while others like to create cool places to hang out with friends and guildies. Swords of Legends Online have just taken the covers off housing in their game, and we have your exclusive first look.

Fine, Okay, I Got A Final Fantasy 14 Estate and I Get It Now

Victoria camped for a FFXIV house, a tricky goal in the MMORPG. About a month and a half later, she reflects on the process and achievement.

MMOSide Chat - Do You Remember Buying Your First In-Game House?

MMOs and housing, they go hand in hand most of the time nowadays. They aren't in every MMO, but the ones that do have housing see their fanbases rave over the latest design aesthetics and more. But, there's still nothing like finding and buying your first home, whether in real life or in game. Do you remember buying your first MMO house?

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Showcase - Haunted Asylum

All Hallows Eve has been canceled this year in Final Fantasy XIV, but that won't stop its community from celebrating by decorating their homes for the season.

Getting A Final Fantasy XIV House Is A Dizzying, Privileged Endeavor - The Eorzea Prospect

Yes, Victoria managed to snag a Free Company plot. No, it's not fair, nor straightforward -- and it shows how not all FFXIV players are built equal.

Final Fantasy XIV's True PVP: Housing

With the land grab on Tuesday finally over, Emily takes some time to reflect on her Final Fantasy XIV housing journey and what it took to get to this point.

Ashes of Creation Wants Your Thoughts on Housing and Decor

Intrepid Studios, the developers behind Ashes of Creation, want your thoughts on housing and d├ęcor.

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Showcase - Driftwood Cottage

Take a tour with Emily to see Sadie Nanami's beachfront Driftwood Cottage in our newest FFXIV housing walkthrough - now with Video!