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Tower of Fantasy Mirafleur Moonshade Update To Expand Mirroria, Adding Activities and More This Month

Tower of Fantasy is closing out 2022 with its next big update, Mirafleur Moonshade. The update will be out on December 22nd and expand Mirroria, add the new simulacrum Tian Lang, open up new activities, and more.

'Confounding Labyrinth' Brings Lin, Mysterious Maps, New Enemies, and Battle Royale to Tower of Fantasy

Tomorrow, Tower of Fantasy opens the Confounding Labyrinth, with new simulacrum Lin, who can use all elements, new maps, a mysterious main story chapter, new enemies, and battle royale.

Tower of Fantasy Previews Lin, the Next Simulacrum Coming on November 22nd

A new event has begun in Tower of Fantasy, as the team previews Lin, the next simulacrum coming next week, with a new trailer.

Tower of Fantasy is Opening the Confounding Labyrinth on November 22nd

 The next major Tower of Fantasy update, Confounding Labyrinth, will arrive on November 22nd. The update continues adding content to Mirroria, with the title labyrinth a large structure under the cyberpunk inspired city.

Tower of Fantasy Showcases Saki Fuwa in New Video Showing Her Frosty Katana Combos and More

Tower of Fantasy is showcasing Saki Fuwa, the next character set to be added, with new details and a video showing off frosty katana work.

Tower of Fantasy Reveals Saki Fuwa, and Plans Maintenance Tomorrow To Fix a Number of Crashes

Tower of Fantasy will fix a number of crash issues and errors with a maintenance period tomorrow. The team is also beginning to preview the character of Saki Fuwa, with her expected release later this week.

Tower of Fantasy Outlines Plans to Reduce Exploits and Improve Security, and Updates on Server Transfers

The Tower of Fantasy team opened up the Pass phase 3 event, and updated the community on several current issues, including account security and news on server transfers. 

Tower of Fantasy Opening Ultimate Weapon Event, With Several Mini Events Starting Tomorrow

November in Tower of Fantasy will feature some events, according to an announcement today. Expect the Ultimate Weapon event tomorrow, with opportunities for rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Vera Update is Live and the Game Arrives on Steam

Time to explore new lands and new challenges, as Tower of Fantasy's Vera expansion is now live on all platforms. The content arrives as the game also makes its debut on Steam, giving PC players another option to play, including the Vera content.

Notes and Details Are Out for Tower of Fantasy's Vera Update, Coming Thursday

Full details and downtime timing are now available for Tower of Fantasy's Vera update, which brings a ton of content, raises the level cap, and sets the game up for the future.

Tower of Fantasy - What's Coming in Update 2.0 Vera and Should You Come Back?

Update 2.0 will introduce Vera, the next major update to the game. New continents, world bosses, environmental effects and characters are all part of this major update, but is it enough to bring you back if you've already moved on?

Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Coming October 20th, With Steam Launch the Same Day

Tower of Fantasy will get its first major update, the previously teased Vera expansion, on October 20th. On the same day, the game will also be made available on Steam.

Tower of Fantasy Starts Some Events and New Character, Weapons Engineer, Cobalt-B Arrives Next Week

The Vera update is coming to Tower of Fantasy later this fall, but first there are some new events, and a new character coming next week, Cobalt-B, whose flaming revolver and weapons design expertise make her valuable.

Tower of Fantasy Previews Upcoming Vera Update With New Story Trailer Showing The Desert and Its Dangers

 Tower of Fantasy is offering a peek into the upcoming Vera expansion with a new trailer showing the desert terrain and some of the challenges, like huge field bosses, on the way.

Tower of Fantasy Launches New Raid, Player Housing, and New Map to Explore in Artificial Island Update

The first major update since launch, Artificial Island is live in Tower of Fantasy, bringing a new raid, new map to explore, quests, new characters, and customizable player bases.