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Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.04 Provides Up to 10% Improved CPU Performance

Patch 1.04 has released for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC bringing about several improvements, including one which can increase CPU performance for some.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.03 Brings More Fixes

Following the release of Patch 1.02 last week, Patch 1.03 for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC aims to fix more crashes and issues.

Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Port Impressions - An Update

Two weeks since it released on PC, Horizon: Zero Dawn has received a few patches to try to clear up the stability of the port. Robin shares her experience as she's worked through her review and whether the PC port is worth your time still, or if you should stay clear for the foreseeable future.

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch Fixes More Crashes

More crash fixes are on the way for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC following its troubled launch earlier this month.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Issues 'Highest Priority' for Guerrilla Games

The issues for Horizon Zero Dawn's PC outing have been prevalent since its launch on Friday.

The RPG Files: Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Impressions

Robin has been looking forward to checking out Horizon: Zero Dawn since it first was announced years ago by Sony. Now that its coming to PC, we were able to take an early look at the experience. Just how does one of the best games of the PlayStation generation hold up on the new platform?

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