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The Elder Scrolls Online Community Works to Unlock Explorer's Celebration Bonuses in Final 24 Hours

The Elder Scrolls Online community has just about 24 hours left to keep hitting milestones in the Heroes of High Isle event to unlock even more time in the next Explorer's Celebration. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Tales of Tribute Bug Discovered, Causing ZeniMax To Lock Current Season

Ranked Tales of Tribute campaign matches have been temporarily suspended as The Elder Scrolls Online team works on a hotfix for an issue that came with Update 35 today.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Biggest Selling Point Is Starting To Show Signs Of Wear

One major selling point of The Elder Scrolls Online is that expansions don't require you to max level to take part in when they release. However, with the recent chapter release, High Isle, Bradford is starting to question whether that is entirely a positive thing.

Meet Druid Laurel, as The Elder Scrolls Online Opens Up Lost Depths Lore in New Character Profile

Meet Druid Laurel, a traveler in the Systres Archipelago, as The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off lore for the upcoming Lost Depths DLC with a new character profile.

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Get an Update 35 PTS Update After Negative Feedback on Combat Changes

With major combat changes set for next month's Update 35, feedback on the PTS build means The Elder Scrolls Online will get a PTS update next week.

Actor Bill Nighy Talks About Returning as High King Emeric in High Isle

There's a new interview with actor Bill Nighy where the actor talks about returning to Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle chapter as High King Emeric.

The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Update 35's Major Combat Overhauls

Major combat overhauls are coming next month to The Elder Scrolls Online. the team has a preview of what to expect from the major changes to reduce barriers in combat.

Lost Depths DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online Will Add Two Dungeons, Expand Bretons Saga in August

Lost Depths, the new dungeon DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, will bring two new dungeons and continue the Bretons saga next month, along with Update 35 for the base game.

Elder Scrolls Online Holding Live Braghas Stream With Billy Boyd Tomorrow and Zeal of Zenithar Event Next Week

Tomorrow, The Elder Scrolls Online will be holding a special High Isle stream with actor Billy Boyd, who voices Braghas in the new chapter. ESO will also be kicking off the new Zeal of Zenithar event next week.

ESO High Isle's Best Quest Ends In The Worst Possible Way

Bradford's favorite quest encounter in the recent chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle quickly because his least favorite thanks to the way the encounter played out. From a memorable character and backdrop to a memorable end, ZeniMax did itself a disservice.

The Elder Scrolls Online Details Their Latest Accessibility Options from Update 34

Zenimax Online Studios has updated their list of accessibility options for Elder Scrolls Online. With the introduction of Update 34, which launched June 6th on PC and is headed to Xbox and PlayStation on June 21st, players will be introduced to a few new options in addition to their rather impressive set of current accessibility features.

Elder Scrolls Online On Steam Deck Is Actually Fantastic

As Bradford works through his review of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, one thing has become clear: even without proper support, ESO on Steam Deck is actually fantastic.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Review In Progress

The Elder Scrolls Online launched High Isle earlier this week, once the issues were worked out of course. The new chapter brings players to the Systres Archipelago, steeped in Breton culture, to uncover a plot of the mysterious Ascendant Order. Bradford takes an early look at the chapter in our review in progress.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Launch Delayed By Server Issues, Causing Extended Downtime for NA PC

High Isle and Update 34 are temporarily on hold due to extended downtime for The Elder Scrolls Online. The North American PC server has been hit by database issues, causing bugs and instability.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Launches Today - Are You Hopping In?

The yearly chapter release for The Elder Scrolls Online has hit today, with High Isle opening up for players to start exploring. Are you one of them?