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Ship of Heroes Releases Base Building Video in Preparation for the Housing Beta Test on May 5th

The team at Heroic Games Corporation are progressing their development of City of Heroes unofficial successor, Ship of Heroes with a new beta test. The Housing Beta Test will focus on base building, where players will get to place some furniture and feng shui their hero lairs in an effort to help the team test the new feature.

Ship of Heroes is Adding Customizable Superhero Bases, Looking at 2022 Release Window

Indie MMORPG Ship of Heroes has a new beta coming up and the Heroic Games team even has a target release window in mind.

Ship of Heroes Details Missions Headed to Beta Testing in August

Ship of Heroes is planning another play test in August, and this time, players will get to test some of the missions the team has been working on. In a new article showing off more information related to theĀ  Iris Story Arc, we come to find that players will be introduced to the Ambassador, a quest giver that will explain the ship you're on, and get you prepped for what's to come.

Ship Of Heroes Beta Test Coming On August 7th, Shares Details Ahead Of July 31st Sign-Ups

Ship of Heroes' upcoming beta is slated to begin on August 7th, and the team behind the MMO is giving a glimpse into what players can expect from the three-week long event.

Ship of Heroes Developers Outlines the Process on How Missions are Made

The Ship of Heroes team has posted some details on how mission creation works, including their step by step story process. The article gets to the heart of the internal mission creation system, complete with flow charts and even a breakdown of developmental man-hours spent.

Ship of Heroes has Released a Halloween Video to Show Off Themed Missions

Heroic Games has released a Ship of Heroes Halloween video depicting some spooky surroundings and Halloween themed baddies. The team continues to push forward with debugging and creating missions as they make their way towards launch.

Ship of Heroes - Heroic Games Releases Post-Invasion Event Wrap-Up

In the latest Ship of Heroes newsletter, details were provided on the Invasion Events that ran over the course of three weeks in August. The tests were deemed a resounding success, and issues that were found during the test are being looked at.

Ship of Heroes - Another Invasion Event to Happen August 29th, Open to Everyone

The last Ship of Heroes event was a rousing success, and now, a new Ship of Heroes invasion event is headed our way. The event will be free and open to anyone, including those who have not donated to Heroic Games' development.