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No Man's Sky Is Free Till Monday To Celebrate Its Omega Update

No Man's Sky is free till Monday as it celebrates the launch of its Omega Expedition update, bringing quality of life tweaks, new content, and a completely revamped Atlas questline.

How is No Man's Sky's Player-built Blockchain Economy Working? | MMONFT

No Man's Sky has a community-built blockchain economy. But it's not what you think. Phil takes a deep look into how that community is doing, and whether the player made economy is thriving, or diving.

No Man's Sky's Fractal Update Reinvents VR Support, Adds More Immersion with PSVR2

Hello Games has just launched the latest update for No Man's Sky, known as Fractal (version 4.1) on February 22nd, 2023. This release coincides with the debut of the PlayStation VR2, bringing full support for the new headset, along with next-generation visuals and immersive controls.

The List: 10 Of Best Features No Man's Sky Has Added Since Release

When No Man's Sky launched in August 2016, many most players were disappointed with what Hello Games had delivered. No Man's Sky was playable, but it didn't look like what was shown in pre-release footage, and many of the promised features were severely lacking or missing entirely. Hello Games has stayed the course, though, and No Man's Sky is now heralded as one of the industry's biggest turnarounds.

No Man's Sky Frontiers Update Hits Today, Brings Massive Overhaul To Base Building, More

No Man's Sky has released their latest major update to their space-faring multiplayer game, update 3.6 named Frontiers. The update itself brings a multitude of additions to No Man's Sky, including a massive overhaul to base building.

No Man's Sky's Latest Expansion, Frontiers, Announced As Sean Murray Looks Back On 5 Years

It's been five years since No Man's Sky launched to what could be considered a disastrous start to the ambitious, space-faring exploration game by Hello Games. Since then, though, it has morphed into one of the most beloved titles this past generation, and yesterday the team announced its nex major expansion and reflected on five years since launch.

No Man's Sky Adds Mass Effect's Normandy As Expedition Reward

For those of us playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the SSV Normandy SR1 is a sight to behold. But what if you want to keep the Normandy, but explore more of the unknown in No Man's Sky? Well, now you can.

No Man's Sky Expeditions Brings New Multiplayer-Focused Features In Latest Update

No Man's Sky has been quietly improving its procedurally generated space exploration game since its initial launch in 2016, and today players have received yet another update. Expeditions, which focuses in how players can play together, launched today for No Man's Sky. 

No Man's Sky Update Brings Alien Companions You Can Adopt

In its latest update, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has added alien companions to the experience, letting players adopt their very own alien pet to accompany them on their journey.

No Man's Sky Next Generation Introduces Graphic Enhancements and Better Performance on Console

As if No Man's Sky couldn't get any better, the team at Hello Games once again proves that, yes it can, with the introduction of update 3.10 that will be available for the next generation of consoles the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5. The update will bring the universe to life in ways console players have yet to experience.

No Man's Sky: Origins Update Released - Adds New Planets and More

No Man's Sky has released a humongous update titled, Origins, that has expanded the universe, added a ton of new worlds to explore, creatures to discover, and new weather effects to contend with. The landscapes have also diversified quite a bit, making the universe of No Man's Sky much more visually appealing.

Hello Games' Sean Murray Talks About Studios' 'Huge, Ambitious Game' In New Interview

No Man's Sky has definitely recovered from its launch just a few years ago, with the team pumping out update after update to improve the experience and bring it closer to the vision gamers were promised in 2016. Now, Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games is talking, albeit vaguely, about his team's next upcoming project in a new interview.

No Man's Sky Introduces Desolation Update

Hello Games has announced a new update for No Man's Sky, entitled Desolation. Fans that are familiar with No Man's Sky and the way they procedurally generate content will be happy to hear that Hello Games is keeping with that design decision with procedurally-generated freighters that players can find throughout the universe.