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BlizzCon 2023's Opening Ceremony Live Blog - Keeping Up With All Of Today's Big Announcements

BlizzCon 2023 is upon us as the venerable MMO developer is poised to shower fans with announcements for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and others. You can check out the Opening Ceremony here and follow along with all the big announcements made in Anaheim today.

Hands On Impressions: Warcraft Rumble Is An Interesting Take On The Warcraft Universe

From its first moments, Warcraft Rumble is charming, and interesting. Positioned as a "game within a game," Warcraft Rumble aims to add more life to the overall Warcraft universe by answering the question: What do the citizens of Azeroth do in their downtime?

Activision Blizzard Confirms Layoffs on the Hearthstone Team After Former Employees Share Job Losses

Last night, talk of layoffs from Activision Blizzard affecting the Hearthstone team began to circulate, with several employees sharing the news. Among them was an engineer that had been with the company for 18 years.

Interview: Talking Murder At Castle Nathria With Hearthstone's Lead Designer And Game Designer

This August, Hearthstone will be releasing its newest expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria, and we had the chance to be a part of a group interview with Lead Designer Liv Breeden, and Game Designer Cora Georgiou. Check out some of the highlights of that interview, including information on new cards and types coming in August. 

Hearthstone's Next Expansion Sees Players Solve A Mystery In The Shadowlands

Hearthstone's Murder at Castle Nathria takes players to the Shadowlands to solve a murder in the next expansion of Blizzard online TCG.

World of Warcraft Expansion Announcement Next Month, Mobile Game Details in May

The future of Warcraft is taking shape. Blizzard details some of what's ahead, including the announcement of World of Warcraft's next expansion in April and more on the upcoming Warcraft mobile title in May.

Hearthstone Revamps Battlegrounds, Teases Mercenary Mode Mechanics

The Hearthstone team announced some massive changes to their card game, revamping their Battlegrounds experience and previewing the highly anticipated Mercenaries Mode.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Receive Major Minion Shakeup

A big revamp to Hearthstone's Battlegrounds hits today. Here are the details you need to know.

Not So MMO - Hearthstone's United In Stormwind Impressions

While most of the Activision-Blizzard gaming community's attention has focused on the ongoing lawsuit, it hasn't stopped Blizzard from unleashing their latest Hearthstone Expansion, United in Stormwind. Just as Forged in the Barrens featured a return to the origin of the Horde for many players, so have the Alliance returned to their capital, Stormwind, for their adventure.

Hearthstone's Next Expansion 'United in Stormwind' Arrives August 3

The next Hearthstone expansion is called United in Stormwind and it's due to arrive on August 3, including a major update to Battleground and more.

Hearthstone Is Getting An Expansion Reveal This Week

Hearthstone is teasing a reveal of its next expansion for July 1st, which is this Thursday.

New Report Sheds Light on Blizzard's High-Profile Departures

A recent report from IGN has shed additional insight into the string of high profile departures from Blizzard over recent years. The report points to a feeling of decline, layoff, and lack of major releases.

Catching Up With Hearthstone - Checking Out The Latest Forged In The Barrens Expansion

With the arrival of the newest Hearthstone expansion, Forged in the Barrens, Blizzard appears to be making motions to account for nearly six years of content and a model that demands hundreds of dollars. The expansion's arrival is also the start of the newest cycle of cards, known as the Year of the Gryphon.

Hearthstone Receiving 135 New Cards in Forged in the Barrens Expansion March 30

Hearthstone is set to receive 135 new cards as part of their Forged in the Barrens expansion on March 30. Here are the details.

Here's Everything Announced At The BlizzConline Opening Ceremony

BlizzConline 2021 kicked off today and quite a few of the franchises that make up Blizzard's library got some announcements today. Here's everything major Blizzard officially unveiled today during its keynote.