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LotRO's Gundabad Echoes Moria, But Thankfully Doesn't Replicate Its Labyrinthine Ways

When Fate of Gundabad was announced and we knew we were going back into one of the lost Dwarvish strongholds in Middle-earth, Bradford's hope was we would see something really new. And while we don't have a simple retread of the past, Lord of the Rings' Gundabad is giving massive Moria vibes - in both good and bad ways.

LOTRO Patch Brings Fixes to Gundabad Quests and More

With the Fate of Gundabad expansion now out for Lord of the Rings Online, the latest 31.0.2 patch notes hitting today aim to bring some fixes.

I Really Regret Sleeping On The Dwarvish Stories In The Lord of The Rings Online

Dwarves. Not the Firstborn, or the Secondborn of Illuvatar, but rather the red-headed stepchildren of Middle-earth. This is a race that, admittedly, Bradford hasn't spent too much time thinking about in the fourteen years he's run around The Lord of the Rings Online. But prepping for Gundabad has made him quite upset he's slept on the wonderful stories Standing Stone Games has written for this solemn race.

LOTRO Monetization 'will definitely not change significantly before Gundabad', But Change Is Coming

It looks like Lord of the Rings Online's monetization will not change in a significant manner before the Gundabad expansion due sometime later this year.

The Lord of the Rings Online Interview Part 2: EG7, 4K Support And More

With Gundabad and the future on the horizon for The Lord of the Rings Online, we sat down with the team's executive producer, Rob Ciccolini, for an interview last week. This is part two of our chat, where we dive into EG7, graphic upgrades, and the Brawler inspiration.

LotRO's Brawler Class Leaks Thanks To Dataminers - Here Are The Details

LotRO's first class to release since 2014's Beorning, the Brawler is getting some details thanks to new datamined leaks in the Middle-earth set MMO. The Brawler, which we all pretty much knew was going to be a hand-to-hand combat specialist, is broken down in a recent YouTube video from LotRO YouTuber Louey7.

LOTRO's Executive Producer Talks Gundabad, LI Revamp And More In New Producer's Letter

The Lord of the Rings Online's Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini just posted his most recent producers letter, and in ithe talks about the upcoming Gundabad expansion, update 30, as well as the much anticipated Legendary Item revamp.

Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online Hosts Q&A, Talks Gundabad Delay, River Hobbits and More

The LotRO community was able to ask questions directly of the developers at Standing Stone Games today thanks to an hour-long live Q&A hosted on Twitch by the Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini. This wasn't a simple one either, as Severlin fielded questions from everything such as the upcoming Gundabad expansion, PvMP changes to plans about upcoming races, such as River Hobbits.

LOTRO Brawler Class Confirmed, Not Coming to War of Three Peaks

In case this flew under your radar, Lord of the Rings Online Community Manager, Cordovan, confirmed the Brawler class, though we won't see it in War of the Three Peaks.

Aragorn And Arwen's Wedding Coming To The Lord of the Rings Online

In a Q&A with fans at PAX East this past weekend, fans of The Lord of the Rings Online were given a treat as Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini confirmed Arwen and Aragorn's wedding coming as well as a new Gundabad-themed expansion.