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Desert Island MMORPG's - Which 3 Do You Choose? | One Good Roll

It's finally happened. You've crashed landed on a desert island with your trusty laptop and a stable satellite internet connection. Choose the three MMORPGs you brought with you while stranded.

Guild Wars 2 Update Lets New Characters Get Raptor Mounts Early, Fixes Warrior Banners, and More

Another edition of Festival of the Four Winds opens in Guild Wars 2, along with New Player Experience changes that will give you a raptor at level 10, and fixes banner changes.

Guild Wars 2 Opening Next World vs World Restructuring Beta on August 12th

The next Guild Wars 2 World versus World restructuring beta, the fourth planned test,  opens on August 12th.

Do MMORPGs Have a Positive Impact in Your Life? | One Good Roll

This week's One Good Roll was inspired by a now deleted post Steven happened upon on the MMORPG Reddit over the past week. He poses the question, If someone were to ask you to weigh your experiences with MMORPG's, how would you perceive gaming has impacted your life?

Guild Wars 2 Releases Living World Season 1: Clockwork Chaos and Delivers Promised World Boss Updates

The latest Guild Wars 2 update includes Clockwork Chaos, episode 3 of Living World season 1 now available free for all, as well as the promised reworks to World Bosses, and more changes. 

Guild Wars 2 Clockwork Chaos Hands-On Preview

This past weekend, Robin had the opportunity to play through Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2's Season 1 Re-release: Clockwork Chaos. How does it stack up years after its initial release?

Guild Wars 2 Summer Roadmap is Out, Raid Rewards Overhaul, World Boss Polish, Living World Episode 3 Next Week

The summer roadmap is out for Guild Wars 2, along with details on the July 19th update. Living World Season 1 episode 3 will be out, along with world boss polish, an overhaul to raid rewards, and more.

The Top 10 Guild Wars 2 PVP Classes That You Need to Use

Want to check out PvP in Guild Wars 2 and want to make sure you've got the best build to take it on? Here are ten of the best PvP builds in ArenaNet's MMORPG to try out the next time you charge the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2 Updates Profession Skills, Adds Emboldened Raid Mode, UI Accessibility Changes, and More

The latest Guild Wars 2 update features a major profession skills overhaul, a change to End of Dragons Strike Missions, rotates Call of the Mists, opens up Emboldened raids, and adjusts Heart of Thorns.

Guild Wars 2 Shares Followup to the Community After Frustration Over Profession Skills Changes

Game Director Josh Davis has shared an update for the Guild Wars 2 community regarding tomorrow's scheduled professiona overhaul, promising transparency in messaging and a reveal of the overall balance philosophy.

Guild Wars 2 is Getting a Major Professions Skills Overhaul Next Week

Guild Wars 2 is planning a major profession balance overhaul in the June 28th update. Some of the notes in the balance section were shared with the community and feedback is adding up.

Guild Wars 2's June Studio Update Talks Strike Missions, Making Raids More Accessible

In a rather large post on the Guild Wars 2 website, the team at ArenaNet broke down some of the upcoming content and changes to the MMO, honing in on Strike missions, raids, and tech improvements.

Guild Wars 2 Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Designing Marjory and Kasmeer's Big End of Dragons Arc

ArenaNet is taking us behind the scenes of End of Dragons once more, this time with a Pride Month look back at the design process behind Kasmeer and Marjory's arc in the expansion with Narrative Designer Matthew Medina and writer Morgan Lockhart.

Guild Wars 2 Delays Release of Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode For Extra Testing and Polish

The Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode, set to arrive in Guild Wars 2 as part of content coming on June 7th, has been pushed back to June 28th to give the team more time to test and polish the mode.

Guild Wars 2 Brings Back Dragon Bash Next Week, and The Original Festival in Sky Pirates

Dragon Bash is returning to Guild Wars 2 next week, and this year you'll also have the opportunity to celebrate the original festival with the release of Sky Pirates.