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Guild Wars 2: No Quarter Preview

The next update to Guild Wars 2 is coming and Robin had a chance to check out a preview with the ArenaNet team leading up to the release. Check out her preview of the latest GW2 content.

Guild Wars 2 Dev Talks Past and Future

Speaking with The Gaming Ground, Andrew Gray waxed nostalgic on Guild War 2's past and commented on the ways that they defied expectations in the MMO market when it launched in 2012. Andrew mentioned that there is plenty left to the Icebrood Saga and that "right now, the team is focused 100% on the development of the third Guild Wars 2 expansion."

Guild Wars 2 Provides Update on Why 3v3 Mini-Season Hasn't Yet Been Activated

ArenaNet has provided an update into why the 3v3 mini-season Guild Wars 2 update has been delayed.

Guild Wars 2 Explores Storytelling for an Open World

Guild Wars 2 recently discussed storytelling for an open world.

Guild Wars 2 - InsurMOUNTable Aesthetics

After the multi-day rollback Guild Wars 2 went through this past weekend, ArenaNet has vowed to make things right by giving away mount selection licenses and a communal boost bonfire. With aesthetics being arguably the pinnacle of the end game experience, this week, we're taking a look at some of the coolest mount skins available in the game currently.

Guild Wars 2 EU Servers Restored Following Weekend Rollback

We wrote yesterday how Guild Wars 2's EU servers appeared to experience a rollback. It looks like that has now been resolved.

Guild Wars 2 Servers Experience Rollback, ArenaNet Aware of Issue

It looks like Guild Wars 2 suffered account rollbacks which affected at least the EU region.

Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga Free Login Gifts Revealed, 'No Quarter' Episode Out May 26

You might recall that Guild Wars 2 is offering players to enjoy episodes of the Icebrood Saga for free along with login rewards. The team has shared additional information on these rewards.

Third Episode In Guild Wars 2's The Icebrood Saga To Release Without Voice Acting

Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga is set to ship without voice acting as the team cites COVID-19 as the driving factor.

Guild Wars 2 Hands Out Free Anniversary Gifts, Plus Play Icebrood Saga Episodes Free

As a mark of the 15th anniversary of Guild Wars, the team is handing out free gifts to Guild Wars 2 players.

ArenaNet Outlines Guild Wars 2 Streaming Schedule

ArenaNet has outlined the streaming schedule for Guild Wars 2 this week, with a special anniversary stream for Guild Wars.

Guild Wars 2: Get Your Platforming On

It's April, which means it's Super Adventure Box (SAB) time again! For anyone new in Guild Wars 2, or just simply hasn't come across it in-game before, SAB is quite simply a completely different game within GW2. Robin checks out the game mode in her latest Guild Wars 2 column.

Eternal Magic Now On Steam

Eternal Magic is now available on Steam. Here are the announcement details.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Live Now

The Super Adventure Festival is now live in Guild Wars 2.

Super Adventure Festival Returns to Guild Wars 2 Next Week

Guild Wars 2 is set to receive Super Adventure Festival next week. Here are the details.