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Best Old School MMORPGs You Can Still Play In 2022

The MMORPG genre has a long history in the games industry, even though many nowadays are only interested in the shiniest and newest titles on the market. From the MUDs in pre-3D MMOs to the browser-based games that helped define the genre, many MMORPGs made their claim in the early days. However, not everyone is still around to check out - at least officially. Here, however, is a list of some of the best old school MMORPGs you can still play in 2022.

Top 10 MMO Soundtracks To Listen To When You Can't Be In-Game

Soundtracks can help make or break any game, MMORPGs included. When I think of my favorite moments from any game I've ever played, music is a huge part of those memories. From the rousing iconic melody in The Elder Scrolls Online's main theme to the electronica soundscapes of EVE Online, soundtracks can help set mood and tell a story. Over the history of MMORPGs, many games have sought to create iconic themes and sounds to stand the test of time. Here are 10 of our favorite soundtracks from MMOs

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons New Location Revealed

ArenaNet has revealed the new location for Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons.

We've Played Over 218,000 Years of Guild Wars 2 Since Its Launch 9 Years Ago

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the folks over at ArenaNet put out an infographic highlighting some fun and truly insane stats.

Check out Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons Elite Specializations During Event Next Week

Guild Wars 2 is hosting the elite specialization beta event for End of Dragons set to begin next week. Here are the details if you want to check it out.

The Head of the Snake is This Week's Guild Wars 2 Living World Story

The Head of the Snake is this week's Living World story in Guild Wars 2 if you check it out between today and July 26. Here are some additional details.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Returns May 25

ArenaNet announced Living World Season 2 episodes will return weekly starting May 25. If you're looking to jump back in, you might be interested in these details.

Guild Wars 2 Receiving Skills and Balance Update Tomorrow

Guild Wars 2 is receiving a pretty hefty skill and balance release tomorrow, May 11. Specifically, the team at ArenaNet notes that this update is meant to relieve frustrations with boons and conditions. These include new duration caps for boons and condition, a rework of retaliation and resistance boons, and more.

Guild Wars 2 Third Expansion is End of Dragons, Reveal Live Stream Set for July 27

End of Dragons is the third expansion for Guild Wars 2. And while we don't have much information on the expansion right now, we do have a Save the Date for July 27 for a reveal live stream. Oh, we also have a Summer Roadmap for the rest of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Underway

The Super Adventure Festival for Guild Wars 2 is currently underway bringing some some new adventure, and "educational entertainment" for your chance at earning holographic weapons and loot.

Guild Wars 2 Patch Brings Bug Fixes and World Polish

In case you missed it, yesterday's patch for Guild Wars 2 brought some world polish and bug fixes.

ArenaNet Making Changes to Guild Wars 2's Stretch Goals Meta-Achievement to Make It Less Grindy

ArenaNet is making changes to Guild Wars 2's Stretch Goals meta-achievement in The Icebrood Saga due to the current grind.

Guild Wars 2 Patch Sees Adjustments for Profession Skills

Profession skills are seeing some tweaks as part of the latest patch for Guild Wars 2.

You Can Participate in Guild Wars 2's World Beetle Champions League

You'll have the chance to participate in the World Beetle Champions League in Guild Wars 2.

Lunar New Year Live in Guild Wars 2

In case you missed it, Lunar New Year is currently underway in Guild Wars 2.