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Best Of 2022: Players' Choice Awards 2022 Winners!

2022 has been a year for sure, with many games launching expansions, dropping lawsuits, and more. Here are your choices for our End of the Year Awards, including the Players' Choice for MMORPG of the year!

Grand Theft Auto Online's Major Update, Los Santos Drug Wars, Goes Live

Grand Theft Auto Online has its latest major story update with Los Santos Drug Wars. The new update is live now, beginning a new, multi-part story, with new missions, new vehicles, new job types, clothing and tattoos, and experience improvements.

Is There A Specific Multiplayer Gaming Moment That Helped Define Your Playgroup?

Multiplayer in gaming, especially online worlds in MMOs and other persistent world games, can sometimes feel like the pinnacle of gaming for many. Experiencing worlds and stories with others is often why we play MMOs and such, so Bradford is wondering: is there a specific multiplayer moment that you look back on frequently with fondness? A moment that defined your play group and that game for you?

GTA Online's December Update Brings New Vehicles, Ray Tracing, and More

GTA Online's December update has been detailed on Rockstar's Newswire, and while those details are a bit scant, we do have some information about what to expect with the update due later this month.

Grand Theft Auto Online's Latest Update Brings Buried Treasure To Cayo Perico, New Showroom Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update gives players a reason to trawl the sands of Cayo Perico's beaches, as Rockstar has hidden buried stashes for players to discover. Additionally, new showroom vehicles have made their way to Los Santos, bonuses and more.

The Criminal Enterprises Update Now Live On GTA Online, Brings Massive Mission Changes to Los Santos

The latest update for Rockstar's epic online mode for Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Online, has now live. The Criminal Enterprises brings with it massive changes to missions in the online mode, as well as adds new missions, new cars, weapons and much more.

GTA Online's Upcoming Missions Change Is A Long Time Coming

Hackers. They spoil everything, including Rockstar's GTA Online playground. So yesterday's Criminal Enterprises update announcing a huge change to missions feels like it's been a long time coming.

A New Year Means New Bonuses and Rides in GTA Online

2022 means new bonuses, a new car, and more in GTA Online. Here are the details.

Diamonds Are Forever This Week in GTA Online

Grab triple rewards this week in GTA Online through the Diamond Adversary Series.

Celebrate Heist Month in GTA Online

Celebrate heists all month long in GTA Online. Here are the details you need to know.

Halloween Rises in GTA Online

Halloween has taken over GTA Online this week featuring triple rewards and a bunch of Halloween-themed activities.

UFOs Have Been Spotted in GTA Online This Week

UFOs have been spotted in Los Santos this week, so be on the lookout as you adventure across GTA Online.

GTA Online This Week Calls Back to GTA 3

GTA Online this week is honoring GTA 3 where you can grab a free tee.

GTA Online Special Cargo Sell Missions Dealing Double Rewards

Special Cargo Sell Missions are doling out double rewards in GTA Online this week.

Help Lamar Grow His Empire in GTA Online

This week, you can help Lamar grow his empire in GTA Online and grab triple rewards and more.