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Path of Exile is Nerfing A Wide Range of Archnemesis Defensive Modifiers for Balance Reasons

The Path of Exile team is making some notable changes to defensive Archnemesis Modifiers and nerfing them to bring things into a better balance and still preserve the defensive modifiers in the game. 

Path of Exile Invites You to The Mysterious Lake of Kalandra Today

Lake of Kalandra is welcoming Path of Exile PC players today, with new gems, new mechanics, and the new Atlas Memories mechanic that lets you play through an NPC's past.

ExileCon Announced For July 2023 In New Zealand, Path Of Exile 2 Playable

Path of Exile's ExileCon is returning, with the upcoming convention announced to be taking place in July of 2023. The convention, which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, will have playable demos of both Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile.

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Announced, Featuring Lore, Mystery, and Monsters, Launching Next Week on PC

Grinding Gear Games held a livestream to announce details on the next expansion, Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra, which will dip back into the past and make some significant changes as PoE heads into its future.

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra - Previewing The Upcoming Expansion And Chatting With GGG's Chris Wilson

Earlier this week Grinding Gears Games invited the press to have an early look at the new Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra August expansion. While Kevin was prepared to hear the key details about the Kalandra Challenge League, it ended up covering a lot more than he expected.

Path of Exile Will Not Incorporate Sentinel League as a Core Game Mechanic, At Least  'For Now'

Grinding Gear Games has addressed the community question about whether Sentinel League will become a part of Path of Exile's core mechanics. The answer to that is "no, for now", but there's still more to know.

Path of Exile 3.19 Has a Potential Release Date of August 12th, This Week's Update Focuses on Fixes

The Path of Exile team released an update regarding the potential release window for the game's next expansion, along with a preview of this week's patch. 

Path of Exile Improves Texture System, Fixes Bugs, and Gives a Behind the Scenes Look at Audio Design

The latest Path of Exile update focuses on improving systems and a series of fixes. There's also a new devblog taking us behind the scenes of sound design for the Sentinel.

After Almost Exactly Six Years, Path of Exile Has Fixed its Mangled Text Bug

The first report came on June 4, 2016, but the bug persisted - until now. How Path of Exile fixed its infamous mangled text bug.

Path of Exile Balances Archnemesis Modifiers and Introduces 'Pay-to-Swole' Marauder Armor

A long list of balance changes for Archnemesis Modifiers is live for Path of Exile. And if you're looking for a more confident Marauder, the new Maroider Body Armour item might do the trick.

Path of Exile Sentinel League Interview With Grinding Gears Games' Chris Wilson

Last week, Grinding Gear Games held a preview event for a group of select media outlets, including MMORPG.com. Later in the day the development team also held one-on-one sessions with a handful of media outlets to talk about this new league. We had the chance to sit down with producer and developer Chris Wilson for a "few" questions about the upcoming expansion.

Path of Exile: Sentinel League Preview - Grinding Gear Games Gets Robotic for The Next League

Several days ago, Grinding Gear Games held a preview event for a group of select media outlets followed by a roundtable Q&A session. We had the opportunity to sit down with producer and developer Chris Wilson for a "few" questions, but in this article we'll focus on the details of the preview event, which was an early discussion of the presentation the rest of the world saw earlier today

Path of Exile Revealing Next Expansion This Week, Bringing Archnemesis League to a Close May 10th

Path of Exile will be entering a new chapter soon, with the expansion 3.18 name and details happening on May 5th and the Archnemesis League wrapping up.

Path of Exile's Next Update is Coming May 13th

"A little smaller" than Siege of the Atlas, Path of Exile's next update, 3.18, will arrive on May 13th.

Path of Exile Update Concentrates on Fixes and Polishing the Controller Support Beta

The Path of Exile team released an update that fixes a variety of bugs and shores up the functionality of the controller support beta.