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Atlas Sets Kraken Bowl Dates and Will End Its Current Season on September 21st With Latest Wipe

It's almost time again for a server wipe in Atlas, heralding a new season. But before then, the traditional Kraken Bowl has dates.

Atlas Reintroduces the Uncharted Sea Region, Adds a New Structure, and More Resources in Latest Update

The next major update for Atlas add the new structure, Tame Hatchery, the return of the Uncharted Sea region, several improvements, and a number of fixes.

Atlas Wipes Servers, Adds New Region, New Wonder, New Monuments to Build, and Seven Mini-Bosses to Beat

Season 9 has officially begun in Atlas. There's a new Wonder, new monuments to build, and a new region with seven mini-bosses to find and challenge.

Atlas Update This Week Brings Fresh Start, Seven Mini-Bosses to Challenge, and Much More as Season 9 Opens

On Wednesday, Atlas gets a new update that will open season 9 with a fresh start. Expect bug fixes and changes, eplore the new Golden Age Ruins and take on seven mini-bosses, a new region, and and new items.

Atlas Begins Kraken Bowl Next Week, With Next Server Wipe Coming May 18th

The Atlas team has announced the next server wipe will happen on May 18th, but only after one last round of Kraken Bowl to send off The Industrial Season.

Atlas Enters an Era of Industrial Exploration With New Season and New Wonder Coming

Preparing for a new season and new Wonder to come, Atlas enters a new era with the recent release of the Industrial Exploration patch

Atlas Update Adds New Ship, Improved UI, More Resources, and Many Fixes

Atlas got a new update that adds a new ship, the Pegasus, UI improvements, new resources, significant fixes, and more.

Atlas Provides 2022 Roadmap as Part of Transparency Initiative

What is Atlas up to in 2022? If you've asked yourself that question, Grapeshot Games has the answer in the form of a short roadmap video, depicting what players should expect in the coming year. They have also provided a quick overview of what changes went into place in 2021. Let's see what we have to look forward to in Atlas this year.

Atlas Adds the Great Temple Monument, Its First Wonder, and You Can Build It Now

Atlas gets its first Wonder, the Great Temple, and you can be the first company to build it with this update.

In the Latest Atlas Q&A the Developers Address Concerns Regarding the New Ship System

Grapeshot Games released their latest Atlas Q&A, and this time they wanted to let players know that they've been listening to the community and their concerns regarding a new ship system. Luckily, the team has concluded that they have no plans to remove the original ship system.

Atlas Developer Q&A Day 6 Addresses Server Merge and PvP Balance

In the latest Ask a Pirate Day Q&A, the Atlas developers answer a number of questions, and tease a ship with a bright gold Kraken figurehead. Some interesting questions were addressed, such as the team's thoughts on merging servers, or creating a mega server, and if they have any updates on balancing PvP.

Atlas Dev Q&A Teases New Mount - Addresses Bug Fixes

In the latest Developer Q&A for Atlas, the crew introduces their new Community Manager 'Conch'. The team also answers a number of questions, while introducing another new underwater creature to tame, a giant Seahorse.

Atlas is Shipping Their First Patch of the Year January 12th

Grapeshot Games has planned to release their first patch of the year for Atlas on January 12th, though the details on the patch have been scant except for a photo provided in the announcement tweet teasing rideable dolphins.