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Red's Read - Genshin Impact

Red Thomas discovers Genshin Impact, a surprisingly enjoyable game that may be ideal for some readers. Red gives his impressions of the game with his typical eye for anything kid-friendly and also with his typical consideration for price.

SuperData Posts October Earnings Rankings with Genshin Impact Leading the Pack

In the latest report by SuperData, digital game spending has increased by 14% in October in a year over year comparison. Leading up to the Holiday season, the industry is expected to beat expectations with two new console launches and a slew of high-profile titles hitting the market in November and December.

Blizzard Punishes Multiboxers and Genshin Impact Makes Big Bucks | MMORPG's Quick 5

It's been a whirlwind of a week on so many different fronts. In times like these, we all need at least 5 minutes to decompress and find out what's happening in the world of gaming. Now is that time. Here is this week's Quick 5.

Genshin Impact Mobile Brought In $245M In Its First Month

Genshin Impact has been profitable for miHoYo. Very profitable, actually, as it released its Gacha-based RPG in September. As the dust settles, we now know that mobile alone has brough the Shaghai-based developer $245m in just that first month.

Genshin Impact Will Receive 'Improved Graphics' on PS5

It looks like Genshin Impact is set to receive upgraded graphics on the PS5.

3 Things MMO's Can Learn from Genshin Impact (And 3 MMO Features Genshin Needs)

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by surprise, quickly becoming one of the most talked about games to release this year. Players have been flocking to the vibrant world of Teyvat, home to many elemental monsters, and powerful playable characters.

Dual Universe Drama and Genshin Impact | MMORPG.com's Quick 5

If you have 5 minutes, we have our Quick 5 Articles to get you caught up on this weeks news.

Genshin Impact Review - The RPG Files

Genshin Impact is a game that sort of crept up out of nowhere. The 'Breath of the Wild' inspired game from Chinese studio miHoYo has captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. But is it a solid free-to-play RPG, or does it devolve into predatory microtransaction practices? Here is our full review.

Genshin Impact Makes Back Entire Dev Budget In Two Weeks

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming community by storm these last two weeks, and as a result of that massive popularity, the team at miHoYo has reportedly earned back its development budget, per a report by PC Gamer.

More Characters and Locations Coming to Genshin Impact

New characters, locations, and next gen console news for Genshin Impact were shared with IGN Japan recently.

Genshin Impact on track to gross 'more than $100m across all platforms' by October's end, per Industry Analyst

Recently released open-world RPG Genshin Impact is reportedly on track to gross more than $100 million on all release platforms by the end of October.

The RPG Files - Genshin Impact Review In Progress

Join Jonathan as he breaks down his early thoughts on Genshin Impact in his review in progress. Is it worth jumping into the free-to-play Gacha RPG from miHoYo?

Genshin Impact Officially Launches In The West, Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Genshin Impact, the open-world action game from miHoYo, has officially launched in the West on PlayStation 4, Windows, Android and iOS devices. The game draws heavily from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for inspiration, with some even caling it a Zelda clone at one point.

Open World RPG Genshin Impact Coming Autumn 2020

Earlier at Son'y "State of Play," Chinese Developer MiHoYo showed off a trailer of its upcoming open world RPG, Genshin Impact. The upcoming title will be hitting this Autumn 2020.