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Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Rights Fully Bought By Lead Dev, Studio is Now Oath Games

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is now owned by its lead dev under a new company, Oath Games, which will continue the massive overhaul with a few more team members.

Ethyrial Introduces Latest Updates Which Includes Chicken Gambling

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has rolled out a series of updates through a server side patch followed by a server restart. The new updates promise an enhanced gaming experience with a peculiar new inclusion known as Chicken Gambling.

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore Re-Replaces Resources During Overhaul 

GellyBerry Studios has announced that their sandbox MMORPG, Ethyrial Echoes of Yore, will be getting a major overhaul within the next update. 

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Introduces Housing - But Beware of Bugs!

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has added some new features as of late, from XP changes to player housing. CHeck out what's in store for new and returning players.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore's Latest Patch Increases Characters Per Account and More

Gellyberry's latest patch for Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is live with more character slots, changes to enemies, and more.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Moves Update to Sunday to Launch New Merged Server Simultaneously

The Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore team has an update to their patch plans. Instead of releasing the patch today, the patch will now release on Sunday, to coincide with the previously-announced server merge.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Will Issue Class Balance Patch This Week, New Quests, and Monsters

The Ethyrial:  Echoes of Yore team has announced some new quests, skills, loot, and class balance changes in a patch coming this Friday.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Goes Free to Play, With a More Polished Relaunch to Come

A rough launch and technical issues has led Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore developer Gellyberry Studios to take development and publishing independent, and make the game free to play with a relaunch in the works.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Shares 'Unfortunate News' Amidst Update Issues

In the latest development from the world of Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, the game's developers, Team Gellyberry, have announced a series of changes and delays to their roadmap.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, Facing Continued Login Server Issues, Shuffles Roadmap

The content roadmap for Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has been shuffled a bit due to login server instability.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Will Merge Some Servers, Make Improvements, as Outlined in 2023 Roadmap

The launch of Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has been bumpy, but the team is offering a packed summer roadmap, with both improvements and new features, as they continue to build out the game.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Addresses Exploits, Rollbacks, and Adds New Developers to the Team

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, an MMORPG developed and published by Gellyberry Studios, has been in the spotlight recently for its ambitious attempts to correct their post-launch gameplay experience.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore's Troubled Launch Continues with Disappearing Items and Movement Mishaps

The team has been grappling with several post-launch issues, including a recent DDoS attack and various in-game glitches.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Releases a Month-Long Open Alpha in Coordination with Their Kickstarter Campaign

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is an indie game that has graced our Indie MMO Spotlight through the insistence of our community. Swedish developer Gellyberry Studios is determined to make this fantasy MMORPG completely subscription-based, but in order to do that, they'll need plenty of funding to continue development. To that end, they have started a Kickstarter campaign, where they are asking for a funding goal of a mere 63,000 dollars (60,000 euros).