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Perfect World and Cryptic Studios Sold to Embracer Group, Will Operate Independently Under Gearbox

Swedish video game company Embracer Group, which added Gearbox Software to its portfolio early this year, has announced a series of acquisitions today. Among them is Perfect World Entertainment, which also owned Cryptic Studios. Perfect World and Cryptic Studios will remain independent studios but operate under Gearbox' publishing division going forward. 

Set Sail or Swim in Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga Coming December 14th

Tribes of Midgard opens its Season 2: Serpent Saga, on December 14th. This big free update changes the world itself, with the addition of the Open Seas biome, adds sailing and swimming, a new Saga boss, and other challenges.

Tribes of Midgard Update Brings Valhalloween Event and Extensive Balance Changes

Tribes of Midgard opened its mid-season with a new update featuring extensive balance and armor changes. The update also prepares everyone for the game's first ever event - Valhalloween.

Exclusive: Godfall PlayStation 4 Single And Multi-Player Gameplay

Godfall is coming to last-generation PlayStation consoles after initially only releasing on the current-gen PlayStation 5 as well as PC. Normally games are being ported upwards, but this is one of the few instances this gen where we see a game being ported to less powerful hardware. Naturally that leads to the question of how the experience holds up? Well, here's your first look at Godfall running on PlayStation 4.

Battleborn, Gearbox's Hero Shooter-MOBA Hybrid, Officially Shut Down As Servers Go Offline

Yesterday, Battleborn's servers were officially brought offline, bringing an end to the hero-shooter/MOBA hybrid, four-plus years after its initial 2016 release.

Sony Event Shows Off A First Real Look At Godfall

During today's PlayStation 5 "The Future of Gaming" event, Gearbox gave us the first real look at gameplay in the PlayStation 5 title, Godfall.