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Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are usually large, bulky, and sometimes gaudy affairs. Herman Miller and Logitech have teamed up in another effort to buck that trend with an ergonomic chair built for gamers. Here is our review of the Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum chair.

Secretlab SKINS Want to Save You From Buying a New Gaming Chair

Secretlab just unveiled SKINS, an innovative way to completely change the look of your gaming chair. Find out just what it has to offer in this Quick Look!

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair Review

Long gone are the days when DXRacer made the only premium chair for gamers, and when it comes to finding the perfect gaming chair there are no shortage of options on the market today. One of the newest releases is the Kaiser 3 gaming chair from Anda Seat, which is going after a piece of that premium market. It has an impressive array of specs that come in a variety of options, but is it truly worth it with that hefty $529 price tag?

Cougar Terminator Gaming Chair

The Cougar Terminator is one of the most unique and futuristic gaming chairs you can buy. But is it comfortable? Find out in our review!

New Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair Announced

The Vertagear 800 Series gaming chairs feature their patent-pending CountourMax and VertaAir Seats, available to preorder now.

DXRacer Craft Custom Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer is THE original gaming chair. Every streamer had one and every gamer I knew wanted one. Not content with being the company that launched a thousand ships, so to speak, DXRacer has unleashed a fully customizable, luxury chair. But is the juice worth the squeeze? Find out in our review

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 XL Review

Secretlab has been one of the biggest names in gaming chairs for years, but with the EVO Titan 2022, it's changing things up in big ways. Find out more in our review.

DXRacer Air Gaming Chair Review

The DXRacer Air seeks to remedy those long and often heated gaming sessions in your typical PU leather chairs in more way than one. DXRacer has a lot of competition in the gaming chair market, but is the breathable, recycled mesh enough to set it apart from its competitors despite the $499 price point?

Andaseat Kaiser 2 Series Review

AndaSeat just released an update to its popular Kaiser gaming chair with the Kaiser 2. Find out if it's worth a buy in our review.

AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair Review

AndaSeat just released its latest gaming chair, streamlined for comfort. Is it worth picking up? Find out in our review.

COUGAR Explore S Gaming Chair Review

The COUGAR Explore S is a new mid-sized gaming chair that offers some mid-tier upgrades to COUGAR's budget chair lineup, but in today's market will it be enough? Find out in our review!

World of Warcraft x Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair Review

Secret Lab has teamed up with Activision Blizzard for some exceptionally cool WoW-themed gaming chairs. How do they stack up? Find out in our review!

Show Your Faction Pride With Secretlab's WoW Gaming Chair

To celebrate Secretlab's gaming chair collaboration with World of Warcraft, there are three faction related "quests" you can now partake in giveaways to earn exclusive faction merchandise and discounts. This announcement comes right on the heels of the highly-anticipated pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The first Secretlab quest is to earn limited edition faction-specific Secretlab World of Warcraft Lanyards and ends in approximately 2 days. Get on there and show your faction pride!

Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa Review

We've all seen gaming office chairs, but what about a gaming recliner? That's exactly what the Ranger offers, but is it worth the $299 MSRP? Find out by reading our review!

Secret Lab Releases League of Legends-themed Chair Collection

Secret Lab, makers of the popular Omega and Titan gaming chairs, announced a new collaboration with Riot Games this week to deliver a series of League of Legends-themed gaming chairs. The chairs are themed after three key heroes and the LoL-based pop group, K/DA.