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Wizard101 Fulfills Long Time Desire with Upcoming Wallaru Update | Interview

Just over a week ago, we were invited to the KingsIsle office in preparation for their test realm launch of Wizard101's huge winter Wallaru Update.

Rift Marks 10 Years on Steam and Offers Spooky Pets, Mounts, and More As Autumn Harvest Returns

Rift is in a celebratory mood, with a Steam anniversary and the return of the Autumn Harvest and Halloween bonuses. 

Rift Brings Back Carnival for its 12th Anniversary

Celebrating its 12th anniversary, Rift brings back the Carnival Festival, with minigames, quests, and prizes.

Gamigo is Offering New and Returning Rift Players Some Free Premium Time Starting Tomorrow

Gamigo is offering both new and returning Rift players a 15-day free upgrade to Patron status, with a number of bonuses. There are also some server events for even more boosts.

Fractured Online Eyeing March Return After Progress on New Server Platform and Closed Development

The Fractured Online team has an update on the game's closed development. After work on its new platform and some successful tests, they're looking at a possible March return after making significant progress.

Fractured Online Is Moving Into Closed Development As It Seems Relationship With Gamigo Has Broken Down

Early Access MMORPG Fractured Online has announced today it's going back into what it calls Closed Development as it experiences issues with its "third-party backend platform." The news comes via the website after what looks to be a week of chaos at publisher Gamigo.

Fractured Online Update Gives the Wildfolk Their Shapeshifting Primal Forms

The latest Fractured Online update adds the missing piece to the Wildfolk--their ability to shapeshift into primal forms based on their animal inspirations, giving some strategic bonuses.

Wizard101 Adds Novus, a New World Inspired By Surrealist Art, and New Mechanics for Flexible Builds

Wizard101 has introduced a mysterious new world called Novus. The world is inspired by surrealist art, and is part of the big fall update for the long-running MMO.

Fractured Online Update Adds Stargates For Interplanetary Travel and a Surprising New Wildfolk Sub-race

Fractured Online's new update, Arrival of the Blessed Guardians, is here, and not only does it introduce a new sub-race for the Wildfolk, but it also adds interplanetary travel. 

Fractured Online Pauses Early Access Sales in Asia Due to Ongoing Latency Issues

Citing latency issues, Fractured Online temporarily pauses new sales in Asia until the team can resolve the issue.

Fractured Online Adds World Events to Terra and Aehern, With Promise of More to Come

With today's update, Fractured Online is adding World events to Terra and Aehern, with groups of enemies to take on and treasure to claim. The update also fixes some frustrating bugs.

Fractured Online Spotlights Crafting With Its Intricate Layers, Why Cities are Vital, and Competition

The latest Fractured Online feature spotlight takes a deep dive into the intricate layers of the game's crafting system. In addition to learning recipes, there are a number of considerations for materials, and even several vital roles of cities and exploration.

 Fractured Online Fixes Some Major Siege Glitches, Makes Some Balance Tweaks and Imrovements

The Fractured Online patch adds small balance changes, some improvements, and fixes some major bugs with sieges, from missing protection to players slipping through closed doors.

Fractured Online Fixes Dupe Exploit and Several Other Issues, Including Some Instability Bugs

Fractured Online got a couple of important patches to help with some issues following the Early Access launch late last week. One of the issues involved a major exploit that was fixed during some sudden downtime earlier today.

Fractured Online Is Now Available On Steam Early Access, Wildfolk Race Released Today

Gamigo and Dynamight's isometric MMORPG, Fractured Online, has now been released on Steam in Early Access, bringing the MMO to a new platform. Before, Fractured Online was only available in its beta form on the Glyph launcher, gamigo's own platform.