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Zenith, Kickstarted Cyberpunk VR MMO, Shares Pre-Alpha Footage, Update on Alpha

Remember Zenith? It's that Kickstarted cyberpunk VR MMO in development. They've just issued a new dev blog, in addition to sharing some pre-alpha footage.

Guardians of the Underrealm Won't Let Mage Through in Ashes of Creation Pre-Alpha Footage

A new Ashes of Creation pre-alpha clip shows a mage getting possibly more than he bargained for.

Why Microsoft's 'Inside Xbox' Event Failed

Microsoft had the chance to set the tone for 'next gen.' Instead, they completely failed. Shank breaks down just why the recent Inside Xbox event was a failure.

Impromptu Saga of Lucimia Stream Looks at Stage Three Alpha

In case you missed it, Saga of Lucimia had an impromptu stream this weekend looking at Stage Three Alpha.

Check Out Some RuneScape Mobile iOS Gameplay

If you’re interested in RuneScape Mobile gameplay , look no further than a recent live stream.

Chronicles of Elyria Shares Video of Pre-Alpha Advanced Traversal Mechanics Gameplay

The Chronicles of Elyria team have shared a pre-alpha gameplay video showing off advanced traversal mechanics.

Watch Almost 1 7 Minutes of Magic: Legends Beastcaller Gameplay

Check out nearly 17 minutes of Magic: Legends Beastcaller gameplay.