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Frontier Details Road Map For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Detailing Next Three Patches Coming This Month

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey got off to a really rocky start, and the team at Frontier is working to ensure that the anticipated expansion is as stable and performant as possible in the wake of the launch. Today the team shared a bit of its roadmap for the next few patches as well as what they are doing to fix issues, as well as improving communication with the playerbase.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update Provides Lengthy List Of Fixes For Turbulent Expansion Launch

In an update today, Frontier has detailed quite the list of bug fixes for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players as they attempt to fix the problems introduced in the expansion.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Out Today, Bringing On-Foot Exploration And Missions To The Milky Way

Elite Dangerous' latest expansion, Odyssey, has launched today, bringing a whole new element of gameplay to the experience: first person on-foot exploration.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey And Horizons Players Will Be Separated Until Expansion's Console Launch

In a forums post ahead of next week's Odyssey launch, Frontier talked about the PC playerbase and how the Odyseey and Horizons versions of Elite Dangerous will be, in effect, separated from each other.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha Has Been Extended, Phase 4 Coming April 28th

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey alpha was scheduled to end on April 30th ahead of the mid-May launch of the expansion. However, thanks to player feedback, that alpha has been extended a few days.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Officially Launching On May 19th

Elite Dangerous' much anticipated Odyssey expansion finally has a release date. The planetary, first person, on-foot update is coming on May 19th for PC.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Removing Its Exo-Biology Minigame For Launch

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is currently undergoing alpha testing on PC, and one of the major points of feedback has been in response to the minigame aspect of its major exo-biology feature. The Genetic Sampler minigame will be removed before or around launch time in responnse to the feedback.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Launches Today With Phase One Of Testing

Elite Dangerous' anticipated Odyssey expansion is coming out this year, and PC players can start to check out some of the upcoming content as the Alpha launches today.

Elite Dangerous Lays Out How Upcoming Odyssey Alpha Will Roll Out Next Week

Frontier is prepping for its upcoming Alpha for the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion next week, and the team took to Twitter to share exactly how that rollout will work when the alpha goes live on Monday.

Elite Dangeous: Odyssey Q&A Covers Mission Types, Player Suits And NPC Behavior

Frontier have released a recap of a recent Mission Q&A for the upcoming Odyssey expansion of Elite Dangerous. The Q&A piggy-backs on some pre-alpha footage as the dev team showed off last week, explaining in more detail what players can expect in the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Odyssey pre-alpha coming later this month.

Elite Dangerous Provides an Update on Odyssey's Release Schedule

If you've been waiting for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey you will have to wait just a little longer as the development team is still pushing through to alpha testing in spring of 2021. Luckily the team at Frontier Developments believes they will launch the update in late spring on PC and on consoles sometime in autumn.

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Stream Explores Planetary Exploration

The latest developer diary for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey answers questions you probably didn't even know you had. The stream that lasted over an hour talks about everything from the suits you wear while exploring planets, to the kinds of missions you may find yourself completing.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - New Dev Diary Teases Planet Exploration on Foot

Developer Frontier Developments has released a video with some details regarding planet exploration. In Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, players will be able to get out of their vehicles and explore planets with a diverse set of atmospheres.

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