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Cross-Platform, Free to Play Fantasy RPG Sequel AFK Journey is Out Now on PC and Mobile

AFK Journey, the sequel to AFK Arena, is out now on PC and mobile, taking us back to the world of Esperia in a new free to play fantasy live-service RPG.

Wayfinder Plans Upcoming Inventory Update and Aims for Free to Play In 2024

Wayfinder's next update focuses on Inventory and XP Buffs. The new update is set to roll out next week.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Goes Free to Play, With a More Polished Relaunch to Come

A rough launch and technical issues has led Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore developer Gellyberry Studios to take development and publishing independent, and make the game free to play with a relaunch in the works.

Naraka: Bladepoint is Now Free to Play, and Brings Its Battle Royale Goodness and More on PlayStation 5

Debuting on PlayStation 5, Naraka Bladepoint has gone free to play for all, and the new update adds a brand new weapon, new training tutorials, and even a friendly, sweeping new instance.

Which MMORPGs Have the Best Monetization?

Monetization in MMORPGs has always been a slippery slope, especially after the rise of free-to-play titles in the gaming industry. We look at the most popular MMOs out now, analyze their monetization and discuss what ideal monetization could look like.

Naraka Bladepoint Is Coming To PlayStation 5, Going Free To Play July 13th

Melee battle royale title Naraka: Bladepoint announced a huge milestone today during its Naraka Fest event, stating that the battle royale had reached 20 million players worldwide in the game's two years since launch. Additionally, Naraka will be coming to PlayStation 5 and adopting a free-to-play model on July 13th.

Gundam Wing's Iconic Heavyarms Mobile Suit Is Coming To Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution is getting one of the most iconic Gundams in the series' history as part of its Season 3 mid-season update this month. Gundam Heavyarms Custom (EW) will enter the arena in the 6v6 first-person Gundam game, bringing Trowa's, well, heavily armored mobile suit to the fray.

Warlander Review

As the somewhat spiritual successor to the Xbox hit Happy Wars, Toylogic attempts to recreate that feeling of light-hearted castle warfare with Warlander. Unfortunately, Toylogic missed the mark this time around and delivered a mostly generic title that seems more focused on monetization than interesting gameplay.

Is Free to Play Monetization 'Doomed to Collapse'? | One Good Roll

Is there any weight to the opinion that the free to play model will inevitably collapse, and be replaced by something else? Or will free to play be here to stay?

UPDATED: Overwatch 2 Officially Live Today, Free-To-Play On PC, PlayStation, Xbox And Nintendo Switch

Overwatch 2 has risen from the ashes of 2016's first Overwatch installment, making the transition from regularly priced multiplayer hero shooter to free-to-play hero shooter in 2022. The new launch from Blizzard has been long in the making, and is now live on every major platform for free.

Multiplayer Brawler MultiVersus Is Now Live On PC, Xbox And PlayStation

The free-to-play Smash Bros-like brawler, MultiVersus, is now officially live after a weeklong early access period. The Warner Bros brawler brings characters from across DC, Scooby-Doo, Game of Thrones and more to battle it out against each other.

Fall Guys Hits 20 Million Users In First Weekend Since Free-To-Play Re-Launch

Fall Guys has seen 20 million players jump into the wacky battle royale party game since re-launching as a free-to-play title, according to developer Mediatonic.

Will Play to Earn Become the New Free to Play?

Before the age of Satoshi's, meme coins and the overwhelming rejection of acronyms such as NFT, we MMORPG players were graced with another distasteful choice in monetization schemes. The rise of the, once hated, but now widely accepted, Free to Play model has stood the test of time. Will Play to Earn go the same way?

LotRO's Monetization Changes Are Such A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Lord of the Rings Online recently announced a swathe of changes coming to its monetization model, and the change is quite the breath of fresh air. From making content free to all to increasing the amount players can enjoy before they have to pay, LotRO is ensuring that it could be around for quite some time.

SOLO's The Firestone Legacy Update Is Now Live, Brings New Classes, Free-To-Play And More

The long-awaited update to Swords of Legends Online, The Firestone Legacy, is now live today. With the update, the MMORPG shifts to free-to-play, brings new zones, and more to players eager to explore the eastern MMO.