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Is Free to Play Monetization 'Doomed to Collapse'? | One Good Roll

Is there any weight to the opinion that the free to play model will inevitably collapse, and be replaced by something else? Or will free to play be here to stay?

UPDATED: Overwatch 2 Officially Live Today, Free-To-Play On PC, PlayStation, Xbox And Nintendo Switch

Overwatch 2 has risen from the ashes of 2016's first Overwatch installment, making the transition from regularly priced multiplayer hero shooter to free-to-play hero shooter in 2022. The new launch from Blizzard has been long in the making, and is now live on every major platform for free.

Multiplayer Brawler MultiVersus Is Now Live On PC, Xbox And PlayStation

The free-to-play Smash Bros-like brawler, MultiVersus, is now officially live after a weeklong early access period. The Warner Bros brawler brings characters from across DC, Scooby-Doo, Game of Thrones and more to battle it out against each other.

Fall Guys Hits 20 Million Users In First Weekend Since Free-To-Play Re-Launch

Fall Guys has seen 20 million players jump into the wacky battle royale party game since re-launching as a free-to-play title, according to developer Mediatonic.

Will Play to Earn Become the New Free to Play?

Before the age of Satoshi's, meme coins and the overwhelming rejection of acronyms such as NFT, we MMORPG players were graced with another distasteful choice in monetization schemes. The rise of the, once hated, but now widely accepted, Free to Play model has stood the test of time. Will Play to Earn go the same way?

LotRO's Monetization Changes Are Such A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Lord of the Rings Online recently announced a swathe of changes coming to its monetization model, and the change is quite the breath of fresh air. From making content free to all to increasing the amount players can enjoy before they have to pay, LotRO is ensuring that it could be around for quite some time.

SOLO's The Firestone Legacy Update Is Now Live, Brings New Classes, Free-To-Play And More

The long-awaited update to Swords of Legends Online, The Firestone Legacy, is now live today. With the update, the MMORPG shifts to free-to-play, brings new zones, and more to players eager to explore the eastern MMO.

MMOSide Chat: Do You Sub To Free-To-Play MMORPGs, And When Do You Decide If It's Worth It?

Bradford can be both incredibly stingy, though like many of us he probably subs to too many services. So when it comes to free-to-play titles that offer subs, there has to be a reason.

Manticore Games Shows Off The Creativity At The 'Core' Of Its New Platform

Core, the do-it-yourself game creator by MantiCore Games, comes to the Epic Games Store today, bringing 20,000 free games from creators all over the world along with it. Jason was able to go hands-on ahead of the release and chat with its creators about the new game creation platform.

Blade & Soul Revolution Launches Worldwide Today On Mobile

Netmarble's Blade & Soul Revolution is out now worldwide on iOS and Android, bringing the MMO IP to fans looking for an open world RPG, and who have phones.

World of Warcraft Is Hosting A Welcome Back Event This Weekend

World of Warcraft is free to play for players up to a certain point, but there are plenty of fans who have left Azeroth for one reason or another. Those players, who might have to pay the sub just to jump back in a for a few days, have a chance to check out what's changed since the last time they were in the World...of Warcraft thanks to a Welcome Back Weekend.

Survival MMO SamuTale is Free to Play Until October 15

SamuTale, the survival sandbox MMO, is going free to play until October 15 as it celebrates its fourth birthday in Early Access.

Vendetta Online Is Free to Play Now

Vendetta Online basically went free to play over this weekend as they latest patch rolled out.

Crucible, an F2P Shooter from Amazon Game Studios, Releases May 20

In case you missed it, a new game from Amazon Game Studios, dubbed Crucible, is set to release on May 20. Here are the details.

Blue Protocol Will Be Free-to-Play According To New Stream

Bandai Namco has made known via a new stream that their upcoming MMORPG, Blue Protocol, will be free-to-play, though it will still have microtransactions.