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Fractured Online Celebrates Their Ongoing Success in Post-Hack Series of Discord Messages

The team at Dynamight Studios has reportedly exceeded their sales expectations for Fractured Online.

Fractured Online Continues Restoration, With New Update To Help Those Missing Items

Fractured Online continues recovery from the recent attack that resulted in player cities being deleted. Dynamight Studios' CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli has updated on security measures, backend improvements and continued work.

UPDATED: Fractured Online Servers Back Online, Devs Ask for Feedback on Any Remaining Issues

After a hack that deleted all player cities, Fractured Online servers are back up, and the Dynamight Studios team is asking the community for feedback on any remaining issues from restoring lost cities.

[Updated] Fractured Online Suffers Hack with All Player Cities Destroyed - Dynamight Studios Responds

The indie MMO Fractured Online recently made a lot of headway with their relaunch, but earlier today the team at Dynamight Studios found themselves at the receiving end of a severe security breach.

Fractured Online Expands Executions, Squashes Exploits, and Adds New Balance Changes

Fractured Online has its first significant patch since Early Access relaunched earlier this month, and the team is doing some housekeeping. The patch fixes a number of exploits, patches some bugs, and makes a few balance changes.

Indie MMO Fractured Online Relaunches Steam Early Access Today With A Discount To Celebrate

Over the past year, Fractured Online has had its shared of ups and downs. However, the Dynamight Studios team has plenty to be happy about today as the relaunch on Steam Early Access has finally happened, bring the indie MMO back to the platform.

Fractured Online Opens Character Creation and Name Reservations Ahead of Steam Early Access November 8th

Fractured Online will launch Steam Early Access on November 8th. Dynamight Studios has completed work on the base build ahead of the launch, and opened character creation. 

Fractured Online Is Relaunching On Steam November 8th Despite Having 'Barely Any Budget Left'

Fractured Online will be relaunching into Early Access on Steam next month, hitting the platform on November 8th. The launch comes as the Dynamight Studios team states that the company has "barely any budget left" with the members working unpaid for months.

Fractured Online Extends Fall Playtest, Opens Free Playtest Weekend Starting Today

This weekend, the Fractured Online team invites all to a free playtest before the upcoming Steam Early Access return.

Fractured Online Announces a Final Playtest Before Steam Early Access Return

The Fractured Online team recently announced that the game would be making a return to Steam Early Access soon. Before that happens, however, there will be one final play test starting this week.

Fractured Online Announces New Content and a Return to Steam Early Access Soon

Fractured Online is set to return to Steam Early Access soon, and Dynamight Studios has a new update on this and some additional new content.

Fractured Online Releases 'Biggest Rebalancing Patch Ever' in Response to Extended Playtest Feedback

Fractured Online is currently in the middle of a server war, but the Dynamight Studios team are in the mood for balance changes. Huge balance changes, they have just released their biggest rebalancing patch ever.

Fractured Online's Server War Test Has Begun

Fractured Online's server war has kicked off today, bringing 12 days of endgame testing to the MMO.

Fractured Online Looks Back On Recent Stress Test And Announces First Server War

Fractured Online recently held its first public test since going offline earlier this year due to publisher issues, but the team is reflecting on the recent "relaunch pretest" as well as propping up its next major event: the first server war.

Fractured Online Holding a Free to Play Test Event Starting This Thursday

After reopening for the first time in months to founders pack owners, Fractured Online will open up to all for a free to play test starting on Thursday to stress the servers and backend.