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Fractured Talks Road to Fall Alpha, Including Largest PvE Expansion Yet

Recently, the Fractured team shared more details on their roadmap to the Fall 2021 alpha, including the largest PvE expansion yet, and more.

Fractured's City Sieges Are Live

City sieges are live in Fractured alongside a new All-Backers event. For how long will sieges be available, and what are the changes associated with this feature? Read on to find out.

Fractured's Spring Alpha Release 2 Live, Brings Respecs, Siege Workshop, More

The second major update to Fractured's Sping Alpha is here and brings with respecs for character attributes, the siege workshop, client performance improvements, and much more. Read on for more details.

Arrows Will No Longer Go Through Targets in Fractured

Good news if you're playing Fractured. The latest patch has ensured that certain projectiles like arrows will no longer go through target in the server.

Fractured Patches Issue Fixes and More

Fractured has seen several recent patches released to bring about several fixes and more improvements over the last several days. Some of these fixes are server-side, but most of them were client-side. Here's what you can expect from these updates.

Fractured Team Address Yesterday's Server Crash

It seems yesterday was no April Fool's for Fractured. In short, a server crash affected the SpatialOS MMO. A recent forum from the team provided some additional context and what the road forward could mean.

Fractured Spotlights World Biomes Headed to the Game in the Spring Alpha March 31st

Fractured developer and Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli has posted an updated video detailing the biomes that players will see in the new update, now titled the Spring Alpha, which will release on March 31st.

Fractured's Winter Alpha Should Start This Month

The Winter Alpha for Fractured should finally start this month following a delay out of February.

Fractured Announces Live Q&A for January 31

The team behind Fractured have announced a live Q&A on January 31, in addition to teasing what's next for the game.

Fractured is Opening Up Another Free Play test This Week

It was only a week ago that Dynamight Studios opened up Fractured to the masses for testing purposes, yet on January 15th 2021 the virtual doors will open once again to all registered players with plans to test client performance improvements and more.

Despite a Small Delay, Fractured's Playtest is Live

Earlier today Dynamight Studios delayed Factured's playtest by 3 hours due to an unforeseen health event, but was able to get the game live around 11:00 EST. The increase of new players hit Fractured's Discord with some mixed reactions to the latest playtest.

Dynamight Studios Invites Gamers to Try Fractured During the End of Year Open Playtest December 30th

It's the end of the year, and Dynamight Studios wants to end 2020 and start 2021 by inviting players to join them for a free Fractured open play test that starts December 30th 2020 to January 3rd 2021. All registered players will be able to get into the game and check it out, and for those that rank high enough in one of several contests will win a Winter Alpha Key.

Fractured - With Five Days Until Fall Alpha - 3Rd Update Video Depicts New Health and Farming Challenges

In the latest update video for Fractured, health and rest mechanics have been added, and will be required for players when they attempt to explore the world. This is aimed at making the game a little bit more difficult and certainly more challenging.

Fractured Fall Alpha Starts November 4th

In a noticed released earlier today by the Dynamight Studios team, Fractured is planning their Fall alpha version November 4th. The team has pointed back to a ton of updates they've released to the game over the course of the past several weeks in preparation for the test.

Fractured AMA Discusses Price and Future Testing

A recent AMA for upcoming SpatialOS MMO, Fractured, was held over on the Reddit where things like pricing and upcoming tests were discussed.

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