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Three MMOs That Tried (And Failed) To Do Destiny Before Destiny

Many attempts at a general shooter MMO have been made before Destiny captured that slice of the market. Josh takes a look at a few of the attempts that tried, and ultimately failed to do Destiny before Bungie's looter shooter made waves.

Here's How Star Citizen's FPS Weapons Are Created

In an hour-long video, the Star Citizen team showed off how they create the FPS weapons for the persistent universe and Squadron 42.

Red's Read - Ghost Recon Breakpoint - A Surprise

Red Thomas finally gets a chance to try out Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint after a friend hounded him about it for the last couple weeks. Red explains the surprises the game held for him and whether or not readers should consider adding it to their own libraries.

CCP Games Confirms Project Nova Cancellation

For those who have been looking to scratch that Dust 514 itch, there might be some bad news for you. CCP confirmed via a Reddit post that their upcoming successor Project Nova is now officially cancelled.