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New World Outlines Seasons, From Updates and Season XP, Supporting Playstyles,  and More

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode features members of the team delving deep into seasons,from update cadence, goals, many ways to earn season XP no matter how you play, and more.

With Seasons, Transmog, and Rewards Coming, the New World Team Talks Designing Skins

The New World team discusses the design process for new skins and sets, how to keep them grounded in Aeternum, while offering distinct rewards and options for personal customization.

New World Devs on Creating Memorable Female Characters, Including Fellowship & Fire's Grace and Skye

This week, New World's Forged in Aeternum features a behind the scenes look at creating some of the game's memorable female characters, including the Siren Queen and Fellowship & Fire's Grace.

New World Devs Answer Community Questions on Seasons, PvP, Balance, and More

The latest Forged in Aeternum from the New World team features a community Q&A on the recently-announced seasons model and new roadmap, as well as PvP, balance, and more.

New World Team Goes Behind the Scenes of Legacy of Crassus, Extra Rewarding Drops, and Boss Design

Legacy of Crassus kicks off tomorrow in New World, and the team is going behind the scenes of the new big world event, boss design, and making things extra rewarding.

New World Devs Talk Zone Design, From Goals to Mechanics, and Making Things Fun

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum features the devs discussing the process of zone creation, from concept and setting the tone, to mechanics, telling stories, and making things fun.

New World Devs Discuss Leaderboards, Why They're Live Tomorrow, and What to Expect

Leaderboards are coming tomorrow in New World, and the team discusses the feature, why it's important to add right now, and more of what to expect.

The New World Team Delves Into the Layered Role of Azoth, in Game and Shaping Development

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode is a change of pace, with the team discussing Azoth - from its mechanical function to how getting that right inspired much more of New World's design.

New World Devs Talk The Behind the Scenes Reasons You Can't 'Just' Add New Features That Fast

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode takes us behind the scenes on why some features and changes are faster and why some you can't "just" put in.

New World Devs Answer Community Questions on Content, Botting, and More in Forged in Aeternum

With a new Forged in Aeternum video, the New World team answers community questions on content, the pace of fixes and changes, how to better balance weapons, and much more.

New World Team Discusses Designing Bosses, From Narrative to Mechanics

The latest Forged in Aeternum video sees the New World team discuss the process of designing memorable and fun bosses.

Why the Wait For Cross-Server Outpost Rush? New World Devs Answer in Latest Forged in Aeternum

The latest Forged in Aeternum video for New World answers the question of why cross-server Outpost Rush is taking time to get right, technical considerations, and what bringing cross-server play might mean in the future.

Latest New World Forged In Aeternum Talks Sound Designs, From Chatters To Farts

The latest New World dev video talks to the sound design team about some of the favorite sounds in the MMORPG. The video goes into some of the sound philosophy but also explores some Easter eggs in the game.