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Final Fantasy XIV Starts New Housing Lottery After Fixing Glitches that Plagued April Lottery

Following last month's glitches plaguing the new housing lottery system, after some fixes and  changes to the system, Final Fantasy XIV is holding its next housing lottery starting today. 

Final Fantasy XIV Makes PvP Balance Changes, Removes Auto-Logout Idle Timer

Update 6.11a for Final Fantasy XIV makes some adjustments to PVP, removes the idle auto logout, and addresses several Issues.

New Interview With Naoki Yoshida on Final Fantasy XIV's Graphical Update, Solo Play, and the Future

With Final Fantasy XIV's Newfound Adventure era well underway, the PlayStation Blog has a new interview with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida on the long roadmap of plans the team has for the game, and more of what's coming in the near future.

Final Fantasy XIV Adds New Dragonsong's Reprise Raid, Some Level 90 Gear, and Fixes Issues

Newfound Adventure continues for Final Fantasy XIV with the release of patch 6.11 today. There is new level 90 equipment, actions and traits raised, and a new Duty, Dragonsong's Reprise.

Significant Progress Made on Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery Bugs, Fixes Currently Being Tested

Significant progress has been made on the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery issues. Naoki Yoshida updates on the meticulous work being done, and advises you buy plots or relocate before a temporary suspension

Final Fantasy XIV Holding Maintenance for Residential Areas As Work to Fix Housing Lottery Continues

Fixing the housing lottery system is a priority for Square Enix, which has announced an emergency maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV's residential areas happening today.

Naoki Yoshida Updates on Final Fantasy XIV Housing Issues, While 6.1 Gets New Recipes

Issues with the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery seem closer to being fixed, as Naoki Yoshida updates on progress. Meanwhile, update 6.1 has updated patch notes with new recipes.

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery System Having Major Issues, Naoki Yoshida Responds

Major issues with the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery have postponed the results date and opened investigation, as Naoki Yoshida responds and explains the issue.

Square Enix Has Released the Extensive Full Patch Notes for Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.1, Newfound Adventure

Square Enix has released the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV update 6.1, Newfound Adventure.  Expect 10 new main scenario quests, a new dungeon, housing lotteries opening for Empyreum and all Oceania servers, a new dungeon, and much more.

Final Fantasy XIV Clarifies Empyreum Housing Lottery Policies Following Community Feedback

Square Enix has clarified some rules for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Empyreum housing lottery (and housing lotteries in general).

Final Fantasy XIV Details Empyreum Housing Lottery Process and Major Changes to the Overall Process

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new residential district soon, and this means a housing lottery will happen when 6.1 is live. Now, we have details on the process and some of the major changes coming overall.

DDoS Attack Targeted Final Fantasy XIV North American Data Center This Week

The North American data center for Final Fantasy XIV was the target of a DDoS attack that caused network and access issues that have since been resolved.

Final Fantasy XIV Steam Linking Begins, With Some Having Issues Launching the Game

With Steam account linking becoming available today, Square Enix has identified an issue preventing Final Fantasy XIV players from launching the game and a temporary fix.

Square Enix Releases Details on Final Fantasy XIV Patch Series 6.1: Newfound Adventure

Final Fantasy XIV is starting its new update series in mid-April. Update 6.1, Newfound Adventure will bring new quests, a new dungeon, raids and trials, new items, and even a way to try on items from the online shop.

Final Fantasy XIV Won't Demolish Your House Just Yet After All

Auto demolition timers won't be returning to Final Fantasy XIV next week after all.