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Final Fantasy XIV is Holding a Free Return Campaign For Inactive Accounts

Final Fantasy XIV  is currently running a free return campaign, welcoming inactive players back into Eorzea through December 16th.

Final Fantasy XIV Previews 6.3x, Will Add More Quests, Dungeons, and New Housing Wards

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream has revealed details about what to expect from patch 6.3x, which is currently looking at a January release. 

Final Fantasy XIV Subscriber Growth a Bright Spot for Square Enix Financials, NFT and New Titles a 2023 Focus

Square Enix reported its financial results for a six-month period ending on September 30, 2022, and Final Fantasy XIV was a definite bright spot for the company. Look for NFTs and blockchain and new titles as 2023 focus.

Final Fantasy XIV Opens New North American Data Center and Four New Servers With Patch 6.28

Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch, 6.28, is live and it opens a new Crystalline Conflict season, makes some balance changes, and opens a new North American Data Center and four new servers.

Variant and Criterion Dungeons Debut in Final Fantasy Patch 6.25, Which Adds New Quests, and More

Patch 6.25 is finally here for Final Fantasy XIV. The update brings the previously-announced Variant and Criterion dungeons, more side story quests, and the Manderville weapon enhancement quest series.

Final Fantasy XIV Update Fixes Issues, and Applies Balance Changes to Raids and Classes

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.21 is live, bringing some balance changes to raids and jobs, and a series of fixes for known issues.

Final Fantasy XIV Experiencing 'Congestion' Issues Under Island Sanctuary Demand

Congestion issues from demand are familiar territory for Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix has increased capacity for instances after high demand from the new Island Sanctuary feature and indoor housing nearly-maxed servers, warning of continued high demand.

Buried Memory, Update 6.2 is Live in Final Fantasy XIV, So Now You Can Build Your Island Paradise

Buried Memory, update 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV, is now live, bringing lots of quest content, opening PvP series 2, a new dungeon, raid, and Trials, and the new Island Sanctuary feature.

Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory Preliminary Patch Notes Released With Details on Island Sanctuary and More

Preliminary notes for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming Buried Memory update (6.2) have been released with details on all the coming features, new quests, dungeons, and of course, Island Sanctuary.

Final Fantasy XIV Hosts Mogshute Farm Livestream to Promote Island Sanctuary, Previews New Raid

Square Enix is hosting a special livestream all week from a real farm to celebrate the new FFXIV Island Sanctuary feature. There's also a preview of the new raid and a peek at the upcoming Variant Dungeon. 

Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Buried Memory Coming August 23rd

As revealed today, Final Fantasy XIV's next update, Buried Memory, will arrive on August 23rd with new main scenario and side quests, new dungeon, new raid, and the Island Sanctuary feature.

FFXIV  Patch 6.2  Buried Memory Minisite Updated With First Looks and Content Details

Patch 6.2 will be out in "late August", but the Tinal Fantasy XIV team has revealed first looks and details on some of the upcoming features, from main story quests to dungeons.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Ends PvP Series 1 And Brings Major Changes to Tomestones

Final Fantasy XIV PvP series 1 will be ending when Patch 6.2 releases  in late August. There are also some changes to the Tomestones that are coming when 6.2 is out.

Final Fantasy XIV Data Center Travel Holds Stably, as Demand Rises And Team Proceeds Carefully

Initial data on Data Center Travel has been stable after hotfixes, but the Final Fantasy XIV team is waiting on data from the weekend to be sure.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets Update To Continue Stabilizing Servers for Data Center Travel

A hotfix to keep servers stable while Data Center Travel remains in demand has been completed for Final Fantasy XIV.