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FFXIV Guide to Black Mage For Hot/Cool Babes-Part 1: Foundations

The foundations for playing Black Mage, one of the most infamous classes in Final Fantasy 14. How to stay hot and cold during your FFXIV fights.

FFXIV: I'm Actually Having Fun With Island Sanctuaries

Robin has never been interested in player housing. As a result, she really wasn't that interested in island sanctuary. However, since diving in she's been pleasantly surprised.

Final Fantasy XIV Update Fixes Issues, and Applies Balance Changes to Raids and Classes

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.21 is live, bringing some balance changes to raids and jobs, and a series of fixes for known issues.

Final Fantasy 14 6.2 Impressions: Checking Out The Buried Memory

We've finally unearthed the Buried Memory, the latest patch for FFXIV, and with it comes plenty for fans who are sticking to the game to enjoy. Victoria breaks down what they like from the MMO's latest update.

Final Fantasy 14's Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off With Tales From The Dawn Stories

Final Fantasy XIV is celebrating nine years, and to kick off things Square Enix is releasing a short story series all about the people who inhabit the MMO world. Tales from the Dawn starts its story off with a familiar character: The Watcher.

Final Fantasy XIV Experiencing 'Congestion' Issues Under Island Sanctuary Demand

Congestion issues from demand are familiar territory for Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix has increased capacity for instances after high demand from the new Island Sanctuary feature and indoor housing nearly-maxed servers, warning of continued high demand.

Buried Memory, Update 6.2 is Live in Final Fantasy XIV, So Now You Can Build Your Island Paradise

Buried Memory, update 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV, is now live, bringing lots of quest content, opening PvP series 2, a new dungeon, raid, and Trials, and the new Island Sanctuary feature.

Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory Preliminary Patch Notes Released With Details on Island Sanctuary and More

Preliminary notes for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming Buried Memory update (6.2) have been released with details on all the coming features, new quests, dungeons, and of course, Island Sanctuary.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Content You'll Ignore For Island Sanctuary

Final Fantasy XIV's new post-Endwalker patch has the usual bulk of content, which we might as well talk about for a second before you all go farming.

Final Fantasy XIV Hosts Mogshute Farm Livestream to Promote Island Sanctuary, Previews New Raid

Square Enix is hosting a special livestream all week from a real farm to celebrate the new FFXIV Island Sanctuary feature. There's also a preview of the new raid and a peek at the upcoming Variant Dungeon. 

Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Buried Memory Coming August 23rd

As revealed today, Final Fantasy XIV's next update, Buried Memory, will arrive on August 23rd with new main scenario and side quests, new dungeon, new raid, and the Island Sanctuary feature.

Welcome To Balmung, Are You Bored Yet?

When Final Fantasy 14's Data Center Travel opened, Balmung's rep as an "erotic roleplaying server" amplified. Except it's honestly less exciting than that, argues Crystal DC resident Victoria. 

Final Fantasy XIV Has a New Starter Guide Video Tutorial Series Covering All the Basics

If you haven't set foot in Eorzea yet, Final Fantasy XIV has a new Starter Guide video tutorial series, introducing all of the basics to get you started and perhaps into the famous free trial.

FFXIV  Patch 6.2  Buried Memory Minisite Updated With First Looks and Content Details

Patch 6.2 will be out in "late August", but the Tinal Fantasy XIV team has revealed first looks and details on some of the upcoming features, from main story quests to dungeons.

Final Fantasy XIV's North American Data Expansion Delayed, As 6.2, Buried Memory Minisite Opens

Next month's Final Fantasy XIV update, Buried Memory, has a new minisite to explore before patch 6.2 arrives. There's also been a delay in plans for the North American data center expansion.