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Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH Announced, REMAKE Coming To Steam

Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH, which is the second part in what we now know as a trilogy in the Final Fantasy VII REMAKE series, is coming next winter. This was announced, alongside a first look trailer, during Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary event today.

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Intergrade Announced At Sony's State Of Play, Yuffie Episode Coming In June

At the tail end of today's State of Play from PlayStation, Square Enix revealed the PS5 version Final Fantasy VII REMAKE, called Intergrade. In addition to Intergrade new episode will feature the Wutai Ninja Yuffie as she arrives in Midgar.

MMORPG.com's Best Of Awards 2020

It's almost time for a new year, so we looked back on the year that was 2020 to recount the best (and worst) games we've played these last twelve months.

Final Fantasy's Japanese Fan Festival Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Unfortunately news for those looking forward to Final Fantasy's Japanese Fan Festival as it has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

OPINION: A Newb's Impressions of Final Fantasy VII Remake

I've never played any Final Fantasy. So then, what do I think of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The RPG Files: Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Review

To say Final Fantasy VII REMAKE has been hotly anticipated is putting it mildly. Check out our review of the long-awaited remake of one of Square Enix's most beloved JRPGs of all time.

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Preload Starts Today, Final Trailer Released

Square Enix announced earlier today that those who bought the digital version of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE can now start the process of pre-loading on your PlayStation 4.

Final fantasy VII REMAKE Shares Information regarding physical release

Final Fantasy VII Remake appears to be the latest game to be affected by the Coronavirus.

PAX's Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Demo Paled In Comparison To The Release Demo

Jonathan is finishing up his coverage of PAX East, and one game in particular stuck out as an interesting experience: Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.