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Invite Friends to Return During FFXIV's Callback Campaign and Earn Special Items, Ends January 13th

Final Fantasy XIV wants to remind you that their Callback Campaign is in full swing, but ends January 13th 2021. Invite your friends that haven't been on in a while and returning players will get 7 days free, while you earn a Gold Chocobo Feather that can be traded for rewards.

FFXIV Interview Gives Insight Into Evolution of Lodestone

A new interview with Final Fantasy XIV Web Director Hiroyuki Takachi gives us a behinds the scenes look at what goes on in upkeeping Lodestone.

FFXIV Twitch Stream to Raise Money for Child's Play Starts December 8

In some good news, the hosts of MogTalk along with others will host a live stream as part of a world race to raise money for the charity Child's Play via Final Fantasy XIV.

Patch Notes for Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 5.4 Are Here

Square Enix has published Final Fantasy XIV patch notes for patch 5.4 which sees the conclusion to Ryne and Gaia's story.

Final Fantasy XIV Interview Gives Behind the Scenes Insight into Level Design

A recent Final Fantasy XIV interview gives us some behind the curtains insight into level design featuring Lead Level Designer Arata Takahashi.

Final Fantasy XIV 'Make It Rain' Event Starts Tomorrow

The Make it Rain campaign for Final Fantasy XIV begins tomorrow, October 21, bringing a new quest and shiny rewards.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.35 Releases, New Items, Content and More

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has released with a ton of content, items and fixes along with it for adventurers looking for more content. Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, new housing items, emotes and hairstyles, and a new PvP mode to name a few.

Final Fantasy XIV Receiving PS5 Backwards Compatibility

There was some pretty major news coming out of Square Enix today regarding Final Fantasy XIV, their European Fan Festival, and PS5 backwards compatibility.