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How Did You Pick Your Favorite Class In An MMO?

With The Lord of the Rings Online players able to go hands on with the MMO's first class sincce 2014 today thanks to the Brawler hitting the Bullroarer test server, it got Bradford thinking about how he chose his favorite class in any MMO he plays. Spoiler alert: They are usually ranged.

Final Fantasy 14 x Final Fantasy 15 Collaboration Event Returns September 13

The Final Fantasy XVI x Final Fantasy XV event is set to kick off this upcoming Monday, September 13. Here are the details.

Next FF14 Letter From The Producer LIVE Set For September 17th

The next Letter from the Producer LIVE stream is coming this month, with Square Enix announcing that it will be held on September 17th at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. The stream itself will cover battle-related updates, job adjustments and more as it relates to the upcoming expansion, Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV's Sage Job Icon Changed Due To Trypophobia Concerns

Final Fantasy XIV is seeing an upcoming icon changed thanks to some concerns in the community regarding it triggering a lesser-known phobia out there: trypophobia. The phobia itself puts sufferers into a feeling of "fear or disgust of closely-packed holes" according to Healthline, which the original icon had as part of the design.

Asmongold Tries Final Fantasy 14, Gets Stream Sniped

It looks like World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold pizza'd when he should have French fried as he dove into Final Fantasy 14 for the first time over the weekend and found himself met with a...horde of players waiting for him.

Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Letter Set for July 9

Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker is approaching. Ahead of its arrival will be a Producer's Letter for July 9.

Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.55, Official PS5 Launch On May 25th

It was a very busy weekend if you are a Final Fantasy XIV fan, with the Digital FanFest taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. While we now know the official launch date for Endwalker, there is a lot of time between now and November 23rd. Thankfully, Square Enix announced the dates players can dive into the continuing story of FFXIV: May 25th.

Final Fantasy 14's New Scythe-Wielding, Persona-Summoning Reaper Class Announced For Endwalker Expansion

The new FFXIV melee class, announced at Fan Festival, lets players summon a voidsent persona/stand/avatar and slash into enemies with a scythe.

PSA: Final Fantasy 14's Digital FanFest Starts Tonight - What Are You Hoping To See?

Tonight marks the beginning of this year's digital Final Fantasy 14 FanFestival, seeing the Square Enix team bring players around the globe more information about their upcoming expansion, Endwalker, as well as art, music and contests throughout the weekend.

Interview: Naoki Yoshida On Island Sanctuary, the Free Trial, Linkpearls and More in Final Fantasy 14

FFXIV's director chats with MMORPG.com about some of the game's current and upcoming features.

MMOSide Chat - How Often Do You Stop And Help New Players In An MMO?

Community is one of the major selling points of any MMORPG. Whether or not a community has a good reputation amongst players is something many look towards when deciding whether the game is worth their time. A helpful community, espeically when dealing with new players can be key to building a positive reputation within the gaming world. So how often do you help a new player when you see them asking for help?

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn Spoiler-Free Day One Review

While the final lead-up to Endwalker builds up, the side content shines in the latest content update for FFXIV.

Final Fantasy 14's Next Producer's Letter Will Be Coming During May's Digital Fan Festival

As Final Fantasy 14 is prepping for its next patch, Death Unto Dawn, to release tomorrow, the team is already looking ahead to next month. The FFXIV team announced today the timing for their next Letter from the Producer LIVE, which will be taking place during its upcoming Digital Fan Festival in May.

Glitched Raptor Is Invincible in Final Fantasy 14

So here's a fun thing. It looks like a raptor has glitched out in Final Fantasy 14 and, among other things, appears to be invincible. The fearless unmoving raptor has been making the rounds amongst the community.

Here's How to Participate in the Final Fantasy 14 PS5 Open Beta

Are you looking to participate in the Final Fantasy 14 open beta on PS5? Well, fortunately, the folks over at Square Enix have you covered. They've recently published a handy list of instructions on how you can participate in the PS5 open beta on April 13.