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New World Reveals Full Season 2 Pass Rewards, From Transmog Tokens to the Pocket Sand Emote

As Amazon gets ready for Season 2 of New World, Blood of the Sands, they're offering a complete look into Season 2's Season Pass reward tracks.

A New Story Adds More Depth to 'Skye the Speardaughter'  and Her Curse in New World

"Skye the Speardaughter", a new lore entry for New World, is a short tale with a tense look at Skye's situation with the curse she's under, her relationship to the Silver Crows, especially Grace, and what can be done.

New World Outlines the Many Changes Made to Season 1 in Response to Player Feedback

New World  has a new Forged in Aeternum giving insight into how the PTR helped shape Season 1, and how the team does respond to community feedback. 

UPDATED: New World Fixes Missing Gear Bug and Restores All Items

All New World players whose gear disappeared after the most recent update, Fellowship & Fire, should have their items back again. Amazon has also fixed a territory buff issue.

UPDATED: New World Begins Patching in Two-Part Fix For Missing Gear Bug

After the Fellowship & Fire update, some New World players logged in to find their equipped gear missing. Amazon has started patching the issue, announcing two-part fix and compensation for affected players.

New World Fellowship & Fire Update is Live,  A Missing Gear Bug Affecting Some Players

After several delays, New World has launched its first Season, Fellowship & Fire. Though a missing gear bug is affecting some players after the patch.

Fellowship & Fire Finally Coming Tomorrow to New World

Fellowship & Fire update will go live for New World tomorrow, beginning the game's first Season, adding story, combat balance changes, a new Expedition, the Fire Storm Heartrune, and new Season Pass.

New World Extends Leaderboards Season  Tentative End and Delays Fellowship & Fire Again

The New World team announced an additional delay for the Fellowship & Fire Seasonal update via the latest extension to Leaderboards end date.

New World Lore Preview Profiles Grace O'Malley and the Silver Crows

The Fellowship & Fire chapter is coming to New World. A new lore preview to get us all ready previews Grace O'Malley and the Silver Crows.

New World's First Season, Fellowship & Fire, Has Been Delayed

The New World team has announced that the first new season, Fellowship & Fire, would not be launching on March 28th as originally planned.

Prepare for New World's Upcoming Empyrean Forge Expedition With a Preview of Its Challenges and Design

The New World team continues previews for next week's debut season, Fellowship & Fire. This time, we get a look into the new level 60+ expedition, The Empyrean Forge.

New World Outlines Seasons, From Updates and Season XP, Supporting Playstyles,  and More

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode features members of the team delving deep into seasons,from update cadence, goals, many ways to earn season XP no matter how you play, and more.

New World Details 100 Levels of Free and Premium Reward Tracks for First Season Pass

With the transition over to a seasonal model later this month, New World will get a Season Pass. The team is detailing what to expect from all levels of both reward tiers.

New World Is Shifting To A Seasonal Model As It Plans A New Expansion For The Fall

New World is shifting to a seasonal model, Amazon Games has announced this morning, bringing a major change in how updates are released for the MMORPG. Additionally, the new roadmap by Amazon Games has the team planning to release its next expansion in the Fall of 2023.