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The Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad Review

The Lord of the Rings Online's latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, sees players retaking the legendary home of the Dwarves themselves. But how does this hold up, and does Durin's quest to reclaim Mountain-home do enough? We take a look at the story, new features and more in our review of the expansion.

LotRO's Latest Producer's Letter Talks Erebor Housing, New Zone And More

Late last week, Lord of the Rings Online's producer Raninia sent out the latest Producer's Letter, talking a bit about what's to come in the Middle-earth based MMORPG. In the letter, the producer touches on quite a few subjects, including the upcoming housing area in Erebor, Update 32 and more.

Lord of the Rings Online's Update 31.1 Tweaks Morale Regen, Allows Defunct Legendaries To Be Dismantled

The Lord of the Rings Online has been busy this fall with the launch of their latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad. Today's update improves some of the issues with Gundabad's release, as well as starts allowing players to get rid of those old Legendary items that have been held onto since the revamp earlier this year.

Interview: Talking Fate of Gundabad With LotRO's Executive Producer

Fate of Gundabad, the latest expansion from The Lord of the Rings Online, has been out for almost a month now, and we wanted to know a bit more about its creation. We chatted with Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini at Standing Stone Games about the Dwarvish-themed expansion to the MMO.

LOTRO Patch Brings Fixes to Gundabad Quests and More

With the Fate of Gundabad expansion now out for Lord of the Rings Online, the latest 31.0.2 patch notes hitting today aim to bring some fixes.

How Long Do You Typically Give An MMO Before You Decide It's Not For You?

We've had a fair few MMORPG's launch this year, and while we'd ideally like all of them to be enjoyable for all of us, sometimes it just doesn't click. While others are willing to stick it out longer, Bradford typically knows rather quickly if a game is for him. He's wonder what that line is for others, especially in a genre that demands a lot of it.

From Using Vertical Space to Psychedelic Plants, Go Behind the Scenes of Designing Fate of Gundabad

Now that The Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad is out, the Standing Stone Games team is opening the doors to a peek behind the scenes of at creating the expansion's environments and scope. 

Lord of the Rings Online's Fate of Gundabad Expansion Launches Today - Are You Jumping Back Into Middle-earth?

The latest expansion in The Lord of the Rings Online, Fate of Gundabad, has launched today. Taking place in the northern reaches of Middle-earth, Fate of Gundabd concludes the story of Durin and the Legacy of the Dwarves as they aim to retake their ancient home of Gundabad.

Lord of the Rings Online Update 31 Beta Opens Up, and a Roadmap for Coming Changes

Work continues on update 31 for the Lord of the Rings Online and beta session three is now open on Bullroarer today.. There is also a new brief roadmap for upcoming features and when they're expected.

With Multiple Big Releases This Year, Is 2021 Truly The Year Of The MMO?

Something Elyon's developers Kakao and Krafton said when they made their free-to-play announcement last month stuck with Bradford, the 'it's clear that 2021 has been the year of the MMO.' And it certainly seems that way with so many MMOs releasing this year. Bradford asks and explores what this might mean.

LotRO's Update 30.3 Adds Brawler Class, Legendary Item Revamp Ahead Of Fate of Gundabad Expansion

The Lord of the Rings Online is setting out to release its latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, next month but players can start to dive into some of the largest changes to come to the MMO in years right now. As part of today's Update 30.3, the latest class as well as the much anticipated Legendary Item revamp has released into Middle-earth.

How Often Does New Content Bring You Back To An Older MMO?

Fate of Gundabad, and the new Brawler class in The Lord of the Rings Online, is sure to bring back some players who dropped off the Middle-earth radar in the years since the last major expansion, Minas Morgul. It got Bradford wondering how often our readers return to older MMOs when they get new content.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Brawler Class Is Back On The Test Server

Lord of the Rings Online players are being given another chance to check out the upcoming Brawler class ahead of the November 10th launch of Fate of Gundabad thanks to Standing Stone Games opening the Bullroarer test server back up to the public.

LotRO's Fate Of Gundabad Expansion Out November 10th, Available For Pre-Purchase

LotRO is gearing up for its latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, announcing today the upcoming content will be available on November 10th. Players can pre-purchase the expansion now, with prices similar to those in the past, ranging from a $39.99 package up to the $129.99 variety.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Next Expansion Is Called Fate Of Gundabad, Coming Fall 2021

The Lord of the Rings Online is having a day. In addition to its latest class and Legendary Item revamp being playable on the public test server, the team at Standing Stone Games have unveiled the official name of the long-awaited expansion set in Gundabad. Fate of Gundabad, as it's being called, will launch in Fall 2021 according to the developer today on Twitter.