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MMORPG Valentine's Day And Lunar New Year Roundup 2024

Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year Celebrations have infiltrated our favorite MMOs. Here's a round-up of many of the events going on this month to celebrate both occasions.

Celebrate The Month of Love with Fallout 76's Burning Love Event

Rather than celebrate the month of February with hugs, kisses, and hearts like most would for this time of year, Fallout 76 celebrates with flames and fire. 

Fallout 76 Hits 17 Million Players In Five Years, Talks 2024 Plans In New Blog

After celebrating its fifth anniversary, Bethesda revealed that the survival MMO now boasts over 17 million players. The developers at Bethesda have stated there is even more to come for Fallout 76 in 2024. 

Fallout 76 Is Celebrating Its 5th Anniversary As It Hosts Its Next Developer Q&A November 2nd

Fallout 76 is turning five years old in November, and the survival MMO is celebrating with a new birthday event. Additionally, players can jump into a new developer Q&A this Thursday at 10am ET.

Fallout 76 Quest Designer Says The Studio's 'Hubris Caught Up' With Them When Discussing Troubled Launch

In a recent interview with YouTube channel MinnMax, Bethesda veteran Bruce Nesmith touched on Fallout 76's disastrous launch, stating that the team's "hubris caught up" with them. He goes on to say that the studio was starting to talk itself into thinking it was "infallible," thanks to all the critical acclaim.

Fallout 76 Wants You To Test Atlantic City Expedition Ahead of December Release

Fallout 76's recent Inside the Vault announcement states that the titular live service game is bringing a plethora of new updates and events for its dedicated fanbase including a new expedition.

Games To Play When You Are Finished With Starfield

Are you done with Starfield? Maybe you want to take a break with some more space faring fun? Here's a list of games to play once you've finished Starfield!

Fallout 76's Next Event Brings Squirrel Scout Cosmetics, New Challenges To Complete

Fallout 76's upcoming events invites players to join the Squirrel Scouts, as part of a new challenge event coming to the survival MMO.

Fallout 76 Players Are Putting On A Rendition Of Alice In Wonderland

MMO players are among the most creative in all of gaming, and the players in Fallout 76 are no exception. A group of players known as The Wasteland Theatre Company are planning on showing off that creativity by performing a rendition of the famous Alice in Wonderland story inside of Appalachia.

What Games Got You Through 2022? | Happy ThanksGaming Day!

As another year ambles ever so slowly to a close, November is always a great month to reflect back on what this year has meant to us. This year for ThanksGaming day, our staff looked back on the games that brought us joy.

Fallout 76: Talking The Pitt With Design Director Mark Tucker

Fallout 76 released its long-awaited expansion, The Pitt, earlier this month. We had the chance to chat with Mark Tucker from the F76 team to discuss the expedition update, as well as some of the reasons behind why they chose Pittsburgh for the setting.

Do MMORPGs Have a Positive Impact in Your Life? | One Good Roll

This week's One Good Roll was inspired by a now deleted post Steven happened upon on the MMORPG Reddit over the past week. He poses the question, If someone were to ask you to weigh your experiences with MMORPG's, how would you perceive gaming has impacted your life?

Fallout 76 Has Added a Second Expedition 'From Ashes to Fire' to PTS

In the latest Inside the Vault article, Bethesda showcases what's new in Season 9, which includes a bountiful list of changes that have been made since the Test Your Metal update went live last month. Check out what's new, and what's headed down the pipe on the PTS!

Fallout 76's Mothman Equinox Event ReturnsTo Appalachia Through July 12th

Fallout 76's season Mothman Equinox event is returning to Appalachia, giving players the chance to take on cultists intent on interrupting the ritual seeking to summon the Wise Mothman, earning rewards now through July 12th.

Bethesda Launcher Shutting Down and Migrating Games, Including Fallout 76, to Steam

Bethesda has decided to sunset its own launcher and will migrate several games, including Fallout 76, to Steam for PC players.