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Bless Unleashed Temporarily Suspends Accounts Duping Items

Don't go taking advantage of exploits in your MMO else you be suspended. That's exactly what happened to a few Bless Unleashed players who took advantage of an item dupe exploit.

Bungie Disables Trials Of Osiris Indefinitely In Destiny 2 To Combat Player Match-Fixing Method

It looks like Destiny 2 players will be waiting even longer to jump back into its Trials of Osiris mode as Bungie has disabled the mode indefinitely thanks to recent exploits being taken advantage of in the PvP mode.

RuneScape - Oddments Exploit for Discounted Keys Leads to Temporary Bans, Community Backlash

Last week RuneScape acknowledged an exploit that revolved around players cashing out items to receive more oddments than the current cost of the discounted Treasure Hunter Keys. The result allowed players to hoard a substantial number of oddments.

Albion Online Team Aware of Furniture Blocking Exploit

Sandbox Interactive have provided a statement stating that they're aware of the exploit pertaining to Albion Online's furniture blocking.