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Fallout 76 Has Added a Second Expedition 'From Ashes to Fire' to PTS

In the latest Inside the Vault article, Bethesda showcases what's new in Season 9, which includes a bountiful list of changes that have been made since the Test Your Metal update went live last month. Check out what's new, and what's headed down the pipe on the PTS!

New World Releases New Expeditions Video Explaining How Dungeons Work In Aeternum

Released during the hub-bub of E3 2021, New World dropped a new video giving an "Expeditions 101" primer to those planning on plunging headlong into the world of Aeternum come July's beta test.

No Man's Sky Experimental Patch Fixes Crashes and More

A new experimental patch has been released for space exploration game, No Man's Sky. The patch is set to contain several fixes and addresses some crashing experienced by some players. Here's what you can expect in the patch, and how to opt into the experimental branch on Steam.

New World Breaks Down How Its Group PvE Expeditions Will Work

New World has seen delay after delay, all of which have been chalked up to the need to implement more mid-to-late game content for players to enjoy. While the Amazon made MMO is on its way towards a summer release, it took some time this week to explore its vision for some of that PvE content, namely its Expeditions.

No Man's Sky Expeditions Brings New Multiplayer-Focused Features In Latest Update

No Man's Sky has been quietly improving its procedurally generated space exploration game since its initial launch in 2016, and today players have received yet another update. Expeditions, which focuses in how players can play together, launched today for No Man's Sky. 

Upcoming RPG Shooter 'Outriders' Gives Us a Glimpse of Post Launch Content Called Expeditions

Outriders, the RPG shooter from People Can Fly, has some post-campaign content planned and it's called Expeditions.