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EverQuest Provides 2022 Roadmap in October Producers Letter

The year is heading into its final few months, but that doesn't mean that EverQuest is putting the brakes on their updates. With a new expansion on the way there's enough going on in EverQuest to bring you back for the rest of the 2022.

EVE: Uprising Officially Announced, Expansion To CCP Games' MMO Coming In November

EVE: Uprising is the content expansion that CCP Games has been teasing since Fanfest earlier this year, and it's got a release window now: November 2022. The expansion brings with it the beginning of the factional warfare updates, ship heraldry, and much more.

Guild Wars 2: What We Hope To See Out Of Its Fourth Expansion

Guild Wars 2 is taking some bold steps this year and we couldn't be more excited. Kanishka breaks down what we're hoping to see out of the next expansion in ArenaNet's epic MMORPG.

Outriders Worldslayer: Everything You Need to Know!

When Outriders released just over a year ago, players all over the world were introduced to the dangerous land of Enoch, and their unique brand of God-like beings known as the Altered. Now, People Can Fly has a new paid expansion on the way, and if our short preview of Worldslayer is any indication of what's to come, you better prepare yourselves for a whole 'lotta slaying.

EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia Initial Impressions and Developer Interview

Developer Darkpaw Games released the latest EverQuest II expansion this December, Visions of Vetrovia. After more than six years away from the game, Kevin jumped back in with a new level 120 character. He also had the chance to ask the developers a few questions. Check out his initial thoughts and the interview with Creative Director Kyle "Kander" Vallee.

EverQuest's Terror of Luclin Expansion Coming on December 7th

A new mystery on the moon of Norrath, Luclin, about to be yours to solve when EverQuest launches its next expansion, Terror of Luclin. The expansion will be out on December 7th.

EverQuest II Visions of Vetrovia Launching on December 1st

Visions of Vetrovia: Everquest II's latest expansion, will go live on December 1st. Beta is wrapping up, and preorders continue.

Is There An MMORPG Cinematic That Really Caught Your Interest?

Cinematics are integral parts of marketing across the games industry - and really the entertainment world. Game cinematics are oftentimes rightfully criticized for not being indicative of gameplay, but they can set the stage for the stories the MMORPG is meant to tell. Is there a cinematic that not only stood out to you, but rather got you interested in starting a new MMO?

Set Sail in EverQuest 2 - New Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Announced!

Pirates and adventure await in brand new adventurous content coming to EverQuest 2 in the just announced Visions of Vetrovia expansion. And you can even get started today!

Total War Saga: Troy Receives Mythos Expansion

The Mythos expansion for Total War Saga: Troy is out now allowing you to embrace the legends of Ancient Greece.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Launches February 2022

Today, ArenaNet announced the release date for their next major expansion, End of Dragons. You can get your hands on the next adventure in February 2022. We've got the details.

TennoCon 2021: Warframe Shows Gameplay Of Next Expansion, Talks Cross Save & Cross Play As Well As Announces Mobile Version In Development

During today's TennoCon, Digital Extremes announced quite a few new initiatives for their looter shooter, Warframe. The New War, the upcoming story-driven expansion to the online shooter, will be releasing later this year, and with the trailer players got a first look at the gameplay during today's stream.

Warframe Teases Upcoming Expansion, The New War, In TennoCon 2021 Trailer

Digital Extremes is setting up this weekend's upcoming TennoCon coming this Saturday, July 17th, in a big way. Viewers will be able to see their first glimpse at the next expansion in Warframe's library, The New War, which will see a world reveal on Twitch at 5pm ET/2pm PT during the event.

Hearthstone's Next Expansion 'United in Stormwind' Arrives August 3

The next Hearthstone expansion is called United in Stormwind and it's due to arrive on August 3, including a major update to Battleground and more.

Legacy of the Sith is SWTOR's Next Expansion and It's Out This Holiday

Star Wars The Old Republic is getting another expansion in Legacy of the Sith headed to the MMORPG this holiday. This expansion will also begin SWTOR's 10th anniversary celebration set to run through 2022.