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EVE Online's Havoc Expansion Is Living Up To Its Name

After its first chaotic week, EVE Online's Havoc expansion is living up to its name. From pirate insurgencies to seeing more players since Uprising released, Havoc is proving to be a jolt of adrenaline for New Eden.

EVE Online NPC Pirates Are Starting To Attack Player Structures As Havoc Patch Notes Drop

The Deathless Circle in EVE Online's upcoming expansion, Havoc, is angling to sow some chaos in New Eden, and the events earlier today are glimpse into that future as Guristas Pirates attacked a player structure this morning.

Building An MMO Expansion: Crafting the World of LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar

In this second part of our Building An Expansion interview series with Standing Stone Games, we look at how the region of Umbar was crafted, from its early concept phase to placing the placeholder assets in the world itself.

EverQuest Talks Its 30th Expansion, Laurion's Song, In Latest Producer's Letter

Following yesterday's EverQuest II Producer's Letter, it's the OG's turn. Today Darkpaw dropped information about EverQuest's next few months, including its 30th expansion, Laurion's Song.

EverQuest II's Ballads of Zimara Available For Pre-Order, New Producer's Letter Talks Upcoming Content For MMO

EverQuest II is gearing up for its next expansion, Ballads of Zimara, with its beta and pre-orders now live. Looking ahead at what's to come for the MMO, studio head Jenn Chan released a new Producer's Letter recapping the last few months and peeling back the veil on what's to come.

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Is Out Now - Are You Hopping Back Into Aeternum?

New World's first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, has officially launched today, bringing the next chapter of the Amazon MMO to players.

Hands-On Preview: New World's Mounts Make Travel A Breeze In Aeternum

Mounts have been one of the most requested features for New World since it launched in 2021. Now, two years later, they are coming with its first full expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. Bradford went hands-on with them earlier this month, check out his thoughts.

Hands-On Preview: New World's Rise Of The Angry Earth Expansion Brings Mounts, Laser Mammoths To MMO This October

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth has officially been unveiled, with the expansion coming on October 3rd, 2023. We went hands-on during a preview even in Irvine earlier this month to check out the expansion, including a bout with an elemental gorilla and a laser mammoth.

Inkbound Preview: Starship of Terrors Brings Some Welcome Changes and More to This Rogulike Co-Op RPG

Indie game studio Shiny Shoe has unveiled the latest update for their game, Inkbound, titled Starship of Terrors. Do you have what it takes to finish this story?

Preview Final Fantasy 14's Graphic Updates With These Before-and-After Pictures

Take a first look at the highly anticipated graphics update coming with the new Dawntrail expansion.

Final Fantasy 14's Next Expansion Is Called Dawntrail, And It's Coming Summer 2024

The next Final Fantasy 14 expansion was revealed today during Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival 2023. Called Dawntrail, the next expansion comes next year in the summer of 2024.

EVE Online's Viridian Expansion Launches June 13th

EVE Online's next expansion, Viridian, is launching next week, bringing with it a host of new tools for corporations to use, new dungeons to play through and more.

EVE Online Viridian Launches In June; Aims To Empower Player Corporations Even More

EVE Online's next expansion, Viridian, hits in June, bringing more tools for player corporations as the next stage of warfare hits New Eden.

EverQuest Provides 2022 Roadmap in October Producers Letter

The year is heading into its final few months, but that doesn't mean that EverQuest is putting the brakes on their updates. With a new expansion on the way there's enough going on in EverQuest to bring you back for the rest of the 2022.

EVE: Uprising Officially Announced, Expansion To CCP Games' MMO Coming In November

EVE: Uprising is the content expansion that CCP Games has been teasing since Fanfest earlier this year, and it's got a release window now: November 2022. The expansion brings with it the beginning of the factional warfare updates, ship heraldry, and much more.