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EverQuest and EverQuest II Fippy Fest Details Announced, With Rare Swag, and Reveals to Come

Darkpaw has released details about Fippy Fest, coming in June in honor of the 25th anniversary of EverQuest and 20th anniversary of EverQuest II. 

In a Year of Big EverQuest Anniversaries, the Fippy Fest Event Will Be In-Person and Digital

With a big celebration year for the EverQuest franchise, the Fippy Fest event will be an in-person and digital event taking place in June.

EverQuest 2's 20th Expansion, Ballads of Zimara, Launches, Taking Players To The Sky

EverQuest 2's 20th expansion has launched today, taking players to the firmament lands to spoil the plans of the Djinn Sovereign. The expansion, Ballads of Zimara, brings new zones, five new adventure and tradeskill levels, and more.

EverQuest II Game Update 123, Shattered Overture is Live, Along With Expansion Prelude, Fractured Skies

EverQuest II  has just launched Game Update 123, Shattered Overture, adding new missions, new collections, achievements, dungeons and Fractured Skies, the prelude to the next expansion coming later this year.

EverQuest II Opens Shattered Overture Beta and Offers Labor Day Holiday Bonuses

The next major EverQuest II update, Shattered Overture, has made it into beta testing. Darkpaw Games has also announced some special bonuses for Labor Day Weekend and new crates to obtain.

EverQuest II Makes Three Expansions Free to Play, Adding New Level Cap and Features for Free Players

Today, EverQuest II makes three more expansions free to play,raising the level cap and adding new classes and features for free players. 

EverQuest II Makes Three Expansions Free Next Week and Reveals Details and Beta for Game Update 123

Both EverQuest and EverQuest II got roadmap updates. EverQuest is continuing to modernize and release new content. EverQuest II is making three expansions free to play next week and revealed details and beta for Game Update 123, Shattered Overture.

EverQuest II Opens Summer Jubilee With New Tinkerfest Content and Marks Pride Month With Free Lions

Summer Jubilee is back in EverQuest II, beginning with Tinkerfest. The EQII team is also celebrating Pride Month with some new lion familiars.

Zarrakon, EverQuest II' s New PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server, is Now Live

EverQuest II's new PvP Time-Locked Expansion server, Zarrakon, is now live. There's a new brief launch teaser to mark the latest of the TLE offerings.

EverQuest II Empire of Antiquity Update Brings a Massive Contested Dungeon, and Loads of New Content

Empire of Antiquity, EverQuest II's newest major game update,  is now live, with new raids, a new Overseer season, new quests, Tradeskill content, and a massive new Contested Dungeon.

EverQuest II Updates Roadmap, Will Make Kael Drakkel Free for All, and Make Soloing Easier

The April Producer's Letter for EverQuest II is out, and there's a roadmap update, news about wider access to Kael Drakkel, and more on what's coming over the next few months.

EverQuest II Opening Zarrakon, a New PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Next Month

Zarrakon,  a new PvP Time-Locked Expansion server, opens in EverQuest II on April 25th. 

EverQuest II Opens the Chronoportal Festival With New Quests and Items

It's Chronoportal Festival time again in EverQuest II. Celebrating the 24th anniversary of the original EverQuest, the event returns with new quests, new items, and new adventures to relive.

Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf, Renewal of Ro's Latest Raid, Opens in EverQuest II

EverQuest II opens latest raid from the Renewal of Ro expansion with Tier 3 and Tier 4 bosses, new enemies, and rewards.

EverQuest II Unlocks Two Renewal of Ro Raids, and Unveils 2023 Roadmap

Two new raids from the Renewal of Ro expansion have been unlocked in EverQuest II. Darkpaw Games also released a 2023 roadmap with future raid unlocks, events, and more.