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EverQuest's In-Person Fippy Fest Schedule Revealed

If you're wondering what you're most likely missing for EverQuest's $1500 in-person fan celebration for the game's 25th anniversary, we finally know.

EverQuest 2 April Producers Letter Reveals More In-Depth Look At 2024

EverQuest 2's latest producer's letter has taken a look towards what's still to come in 2024, including Fippy Fest and the next major game update.

EverQuest and EverQuest II Fippy Fest Details Announced, With Rare Swag, and Reveals to Come

Darkpaw has released details about Fippy Fest, coming in June in honor of the 25th anniversary of EverQuest and 20th anniversary of EverQuest II. 

EverQuest II's Brewday Festival Returns with New Features

EverQuest 2's Brewday Festival, an annual celebration of Brell Serilis, is back and Daybreak's introducing a number of new additions with this year's celebration.

Join Everquest's In-Person Fippy Fest For $1499

Want to immerse yourself in the world and history of the 25-year-old legendary MMORPG EverQuest with other fans, in-person in California? That'll be $1,499.

EverQuest Year of Darkpaw Celebration Continues With New Giveaways This Month

The developers of EverQuest are celebrating for the entire year of 2024 in what they are calling Year of the Darkpaw. With the dawn of a new month just beginning, the devs have announced new giveaways for the month of February.

What Major MMO Expansion Are You Looking Forward To Most In 2024?

It's not even the end of January and we already know of multiple MMOs that are getting the expansion treatment this calendar year. Which one has caught your eye the most?

Everquest Year-Long Anniversary Celebration Brings Two New Expansions

Everquest and Everquest 2 are coming in hot already this year with a roadmap that showcases several events, two new expansions, and thrilling quests to kick off this year with a bang. 

EverQuest 2's 20th Expansion, Ballads of Zimara, Launches, Taking Players To The Sky

EverQuest 2's 20th expansion has launched today, taking players to the firmament lands to spoil the plans of the Djinn Sovereign. The expansion, Ballads of Zimara, brings new zones, five new adventure and tradeskill levels, and more.

EverQuest And EverQuest II Expansions Now Available For Pre-Order

EverQuest and EverQuest II are gearing up to launch an expansion each by the end of the year, and the two games have now opened pre-orders. The expansions mark the 30th and the 20th expansion for each MMO, respectively.

EverQuest II's Ballads of Zimara Available For Pre-Order, New Producer's Letter Talks Upcoming Content For MMO

EverQuest II is gearing up for its next expansion, Ballads of Zimara, with its beta and pre-orders now live. Looking ahead at what's to come for the MMO, studio head Jenn Chan released a new Producer's Letter recapping the last few months and peeling back the veil on what's to come.

The List: 10 Of The Most Unique Classes In MMORPGs

Many MMORPGs make use of classes that are tried and true like mages, warriors, and paladins. While there's nothing wrong with going with the usual archetypes considering how deep build-crafting can be in a lot of MMOs, some games stand out with their unique classes that offer a fresh gameplay experience. Here are our picks for the ten of the most unique classes in MMORPGs.

EverQuest II Opens the Chronoportal Festival With New Quests and Items

It's Chronoportal Festival time again in EverQuest II. Celebrating the 24th anniversary of the original EverQuest, the event returns with new quests, new items, and new adventures to relive.

Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf, Renewal of Ro's Latest Raid, Opens in EverQuest II

EverQuest II opens latest raid from the Renewal of Ro expansion with Tier 3 and Tier 4 bosses, new enemies, and rewards.

EverQuest II's Renewal of Ro Expansion Drops Today, Bringing New Zones To Venerable MMO

EverQuest II's latest expansion, Renewal of Ro, launches today, bringing new quests, content and a new zone to the old MMORPG.