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EverQuest II's Renewal of Ro Expansion Drops Today, Bringing New Zones To Venerable MMO

EverQuest II's latest expansion, Renewal of Ro, launches today, bringing new quests, content and a new zone to the old MMORPG.

Top 10 MMOs That Run Fantastic On Lower-End PCs

Gaming has become an expensive hobby due to increasing system requirements and hardware prices soaring. If you are stuck with an entry-level PC or have a laptop that you want to casually game on, there are quite a few MMOs that will run flawlessly on just about any system. Here are ten MMOs that you can play on entry-level PCs and still get the full experience.

EverQuest II's Expansion Prelude, Secrets Of The Sands, Launches Today

EverQuest II's prelude to it's upcoming, unnamed expansion, launches today, bringing Secrets of the Sands to players. The new content brings a new zone, new adventure quests and much more in the ramp up to the next expansion for the long-running MMORPG.

Fancy A Game? Here Are Our Favorite MMORPG Minigames

The MMORPG fandom is often divided on the inclusion of minigames. Some players love the addition of minigames, while others hate the idea of "filler content." No matter what your stance is, here are the five MMORPG minigames we love the most.

Test Out the Next Major Update, Myths and Monoliths, in the New EverQuest II Beta

Beta testing for the next Everquest II update, Myths and Monoliths, is now open. Any player can join the test, to help the team put the finishing touches on the next major update.

EverQuest 2 Myths and Monoliths Coming In August, Open Beta Planned For July 26th

EverQuest 2's next major game update of 2022, Myths and Monoliths, will be releasing sometime this August, according to Darkpaw Games' recent producer's letter. The update will be getting an open beta to rest it out as well, starting next week.

Tinkerfest Returns to EverQuest II and Opens the New Summer Jubilee

Tinkerfest returns to EverQuest II today through June 15th. This year, it also marks the beginning of the new Summer Jubilee event.

EverQuest II Launches New Summer Jubilee, Folding In Summer Events for Cumulative Bonus Opportunities

EverQuest II has its first Summer Jubilee going on now. The event folds in existing events like Scorched Sky, Tinkerfest, and Oceansfull Festival for ongoing and cumulative bonus opportunities.

EverQuest II's Varsoon Time Locked Expansion Server Will Open on May 24th

A new TLE is coming to EverQuest II, with Varsoon officially dated for May 24th.

EverQuest II Moving to 64-bit servers in July, But Celebrating Bristlebane Day This Week

Darkpaw Games has announced that EverQuest II will make its move to 64-bit servers in July. Beta for the new servers begins tomorrow. Meanwhile, Bristlebane Day is on in Norrath this week.

EverQuest II Brewday Festival Returns With New Items, New Recipes, and of Course, Beer

The Brewday Festival is back in EverQuest II, with new and returning items, new recipes, and of course, beer.

Lore and Legend Server Kael Drakkel Coming to EverQuest II in February

Kael Drakkel, the new Lore and Legend server, will be released for EverQuest II on February 22, 2022.

EverQuest 2: Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Review

EverQuest II Visions of Vetrovia is the latest expansion, launched on December 2nd, 2021. For a game released in 2004, EQ2 is still looking pretty good. But how have the developers at Darkpaw Games done with recent additions/changes to the game, and is the expansion a success? Find out in Kevin's review.

EverQuest II's New 2022 Roadmap Details Server Merge, New Dungeons, New TLES, and the 19th Expansion

EverQuest II's outlook in 2022 will feature a server merge, the arrival of 64-bit clients, new dungeons, a new TLES, more event goodies, and the game's 19th expansion.

EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia Initial Impressions and Developer Interview

Developer Darkpaw Games released the latest EverQuest II expansion this December, Visions of Vetrovia. After more than six years away from the game, Kevin jumped back in with a new level 120 character. He also had the chance to ask the developers a few questions. Check out his initial thoughts and the interview with Creative Director Kyle "Kander" Vallee.