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Evercore Heroes Undergoes Transformation From MOBA to Three Player Co-Op Roguelite

Evercore Heroes, a game developed by Riot, EA, and Rare veterans at Vela Games, has undergone a transformation.

Evercore Heroes Ends Closed Beta, Enters Open-Access Maintenance Mode, as Devs Will Rework the Game

Evercore Heroes has been put into an open access maintenance mode as developer Vela Games has decided to retool the game after "the Closed Beta has not met our expectations as players or as a business".

Preview: Evercore Heroes Closed Beta Impressions

Last month, Evercore Heroes launched its closed beta, bringing more players in to check out its PvE competitive arena game. Nick went hands-on to see how it's changed since we last checked it out in May.

Preview: Evercore Heroes Puts a New Spin on the MOBA

Vela Games' Evercore Heroes isn't exactly a MOBA in the traditional sense, and Nick got a chance to check out exactly what the studio is doing to shake up the popular formula.

Evercore Heroes Combines MOBA Action and MMO Dungeon Runs in a Compettiive PvE Experience

Evercore Heroes is a new competitive PvE game that developer Vela Games says combines "the real-time, skill-based teamplay and action of MOBAs with the adventure of MMO dungeon runs".