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Is There An In-Game Title You Craved In Any MMO?

In game awards for your time are paramount to keeping players engaged, and Bradford can't think of one that players he speaks to love showing off more than a hard-to-earn character title. Is there a title you craved and had to have in any MMO you've played?

New Events Coming to Blade & Soul July 14

New events are arriving in Blade & Soul in just a few days on July 14 include the Warlock 3rd Specialization in Endless Night.

PSA: Final Fantasy 14's Digital FanFest Starts Tonight - What Are You Hoping To See?

Tonight marks the beginning of this year's digital Final Fantasy 14 FanFestival, seeing the Square Enix team bring players around the globe more information about their upcoming expansion, Endwalker, as well as art, music and contests throughout the weekend.

MMO Developers: I Need More Developer-Driven, FOMO-Causing RP Events In My MMORPGs, Please.

The last two weeks have seen major story-driven events happen in EVE Online. As someone who doesn't necessarily care about annual events in MMOs, these events have Bradford intrigued for a few reasons: they feel spontaneous, they are story-driven, but most importantly: they are limited to a one-time affair.

Blade & Soul Gifts of the Realm Events Going On Now

A few new events are here for Blade & Soul called the Gifts of the Realm events. These events bring more rewards for your adventuring in the game. Here are the details you need to know if you want to hop in and check them out.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Elsword with Events and More

10 years of Elsword have gone by and that means anniversary events and rewards. Beginning on May 1, hop into the game for various rewards, items, and much more.

In-Game MMO Events Still Do Not Interest Me Like I Wish They Would

MMO in-game events are one major way to drum up community interaction as well as make things interesting every few months. Events themselves can come and go at predictable times, mostly repeating themselves year over year. And Bradford has never really been able to get into them.

Blade & Soul Outlines New Mischief Makers Events

A bunch of new events are hitting Blade & Soul as part of Mischief Makers, giving you plenty of opportunities for new rewards, gear, and more.

These Are Your April Events for TERA

The April events for TERA were announced recently. Here's what you can look forward to in the next month.

Valentione's And Little Ladies' Day Comes to Final Fantasy 14 Next Week

Valentine's Day - erm Valentione's and Little Ladies' Day is coming to Final Fantasy 14 next week, bringing this year's festival to the various cities around the MMORPG's world.

These Are Your February Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

In-game events for Star Wars: The Old Republic have been announced. Here's what you can expect when dive in.

TERA Outlines February Events

TERA has shared the slate of events on deck for February. Here's what you can look forward to this month.

TERA Kicks Off 2021 With Several Events

January is set to bring a bunch of events to TERA including boosts, upgrades, and more.

Here Are Your December Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

The December events for Star Wars The Old Republic have been announced. Here's what's in store.

Here Are the October Events for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic have a bunch of events scheduled for October with all sorts of rewards for you to win.