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Get Double Renown in Tier 1 Zones in Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning's Weekend Event

The Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning team have launched a new 'Return to Warhammer' Tier 1 event, offering players double Renown all weekend in Tier 1 RvR zones.

Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access Month Has Begun

For anyone who has yet to dive into Destiny 2 because they couldn't play through every expansion, the time has come to start the journey through several expansions during the Expansion Open Access month. 

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is Celebrating May the Fourth an Exciting Giveaway and Double Everything

The Star Wars Legends team is celebrating May the Fourth with an exciting giveaway and a number of other festivities.

Elsword Celebrates 13 Years With Rewards, Boost and Cosmetics to Earn

It has been 13 years since players first stepped foot into the world of Elsword, and today, the celebratory events begin in-game equipped with plentiful rewards, boosts, and cosmetics to earn.

Trove Brings Back an Improved Bunfest Event, With Egg Enemies, Chocolate, Daily Quests, and More to Collect

Gamigo is bringing back Bunfest in voxel MMORPG Trove. The returning event improves upon the 2023 event with an updated storyline, new features, and more.

Star Trek Online Opens First Contact Day Event on PC and Console This Week

Star Trek Online is celebrating First Contact Day once again on PC and console. Work with Seven-of-Nine to restore a timeline altered by the Borg to prevent First Contact and more events to earn rewards.

Pearl Abyss Adds New Enhancement Pity System to Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss has added a long overdue enhancement pity system to Black Desert Online via an update that adds the "Ancient Anvil" system.  

Elder Scrolls Online's Jester's Festival Event Returns March 28

The Jester's Festival event will return to The Elder Scrolls Online next week on March 28. The event, which runs through April 4, will grant players increased exp and offer "ridiculous rewards" for completing event quests.

Defeat Troublesome Mobs, Help People, and Find Easter Eggs to Get Loot in Broken Ranks' Bunny Marathon

The Easter event, Bunny Marathon, returns to Broken Ranks. Help out the people in the seasonal event for special skins and Easter eggs that could hold valuable items.

Enjoy Colorful Flowers and Explore the World in the Sky: Children of the Light Days of Bloom Event

Sky: Children of the Light is celebrating the return of spring with the Days of Bloom event, beginning next week. Travel around the lands in Sky to take in the flowers, where storms and rain will help them blossom.

Dune: Awakening Hands-Off Impressions - Arrakis Might Just Be The Survival MMO Planet You've Been Waiting For

Last week we were invited to Dune Awakening event in Los Angeles. Here's what to get hyped for on your upcoming trip to Arrakis.

Take Down Eggs-Stremely Fowl Cops and Cartel in New GTA Online Raid

Wanna go pluck over a cartel and the bad cops that fowl-cilitate their dealings? The newest DLC, Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid, is looking like it'll be pecked full of action for you. 

Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event, 'Nocturne for Heroes' Returns Next Week

Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV are once again setting up their collaboration event, "A Nocturne for Heroes", starting next week.

Earn Rewards in Marvel Snap's Galactic Carnival Event

The Black Order arrived in Marvel Snap earlier this week, but that's not all Second Dinner has had in store for fans of the game.

World of Warships Improves Submarine Warfare, Adds USS Enterprise and Lunar New Year Campaigns

World of Warships is ready to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a Lunar New Year event, with its own Event Pass. Wargaming is also making some adjustments to submarine and anti-submarine warfare , bringing back Airship Escort, and a new campaign.