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EVE Vanguard's March First Strike Playtest is Live, Adding a Mining Laser and Contracts

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtest is now live, with some significant updates, including a brand new mining laser prototype and new contracts to complete.

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtests Continue Tomorrow, With New Mining Options, and More Improvements

You could jump into a different New Eden in EVE Vanguard, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox FPS on the way, as CCP has announced more on the next First Strike playtest, which begins tomorrow.

EVE Vanguard Tests Now Live As EVE Online Drops Latest Pulse Update

EVE Vanguard is back for Founders to test now through January 29th, while EVE Online celebrates its recent updates with a new Pulse video.

EVE Online's Insurgencies Are Intensifying As CCP Games Preps For Next Week's Vanguard Test

EVE Online's Havoc expansion is seeing some changes to its Insurgency mode as CCP Games add the Ambition Modifier to, hopefully, make them more balanced and intense. Meanwhile, the company is also gearing up for next week's test of its FPS module, Vanguard.

EVE Vanguard Roadmap Shows Upcoming Testing Schedule While CCP Games Looks Back On First Strike Learnings

Since the First Strike event wrapped earlier this month for EVE Online's FPS module, EVE Vanguard, CCP Games has been crunching the data. Ahead of the holiday break, the team laid out its early 2024 roadmap and talked about what they have learned from the first of many tests.

EVE Vanguard Players Blasted Each Other Over 100K Times In Recent First Strike Test

EVE Vanguard's fist test, First Strike, has come and gone, and CCP Games has revealed some interesting tidbits from the test, including the fact that over 100 thousand Vanguard clones were killed by other Vanguards.

EVE Vanguard Test Ended With Next Event For The FPS Module Planned For January

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Event ended this week, with the team at CCP Games thanking fans for taking part in the first of what will be many play tests on the road to a full FPS launch. We also have an idea as to when the next one should take place: January 2024.

EVE Online's Vanguard Is Hosting Its First Strike Test On December 7th

Back at EVE Fanfest, CCP Games officially unveiled its upcoming FPS module set in the EVE Universe, EVE Online: Vanguard. Now we know when players will get their hands on the FPS this year.

Pearl Abyss Returns to Profitability, With Land of the Morning Light a Highlight, EVE IP Dips

The latest Pearl Abyss financial report shows some bright spots, particularly Black Desert Online's Land of the Morning Light expansion, and a return to profitability.

EVE Vanguard's Initial Monetization Plan Is Refreshingly Simple

Monetization is frustrating at times in gaming, especially as so many models seemed poised to nickel and dime players rather than providing a satisfying gameplay loop. Yet the initial plan to monetize EVE Vanguard is surprisingly refreshing: just fold it into the MMO's existing subscription.