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What Makes You Decide To Give An MMO A Second Chance?

Around this time of year companies in the MMORPG world are typically holding welcome back weekends or free trials to entice new and old players alike into their game worlds during the holidays. But oftentimes when someone leaves an MMO, it's for a reason. So what makes you decide to come back to give one a second chance?

EVE Online's Final Quadrant, New Dawn, Is Now Live

New Dawn is the fourth and final quadrant for EVE Online this year and brings with it some pretty big changes to mining and resources. Plus, Winter Nexus returns.

EVE Online's Foundation Day Propaganda Contest in Full Swing

Propaganda is one of the most unique aspects about EVE Online, with players diving in and getting involved. The Foundation Day event is no different, with a propaganda contest underway.

EVE Online's Mobile Observatories Available for Test on Singularity

EVE Online's mobile observatories are now available to test on the game's Singularity test environment. If you're looking to hop in and check them out, here are some details you might be interested in knowing.

EVE Online Testing Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizer

Listen up, Capsuleers! Testing has started to EVE Online's nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay. If you want to hop on Singularity, you'll be able to check out the changes for yourself.

EVE Online Celebrates 18 Years With Ongoing Events and More

In case you missed it, EVE Online recently turned 18. This means it's finally old enough to vote in the United States. More importantly, it means several events and other celebrations are going on right now in the space sandbox until May 18.

In-Game MMO Events Still Do Not Interest Me Like I Wish They Would

MMO in-game events are one major way to drum up community interaction as well as make things interesting every few months. Events themselves can come and go at predictable times, mostly repeating themselves year over year. And Bradford has never really been able to get into them.

The Hunt Returns to EVE Online

The Hunt has returned to EVE Online, bringing the pod hunt back for another year and giving you the chance at rewards, bonuses, and more.

Anger Games Tournament Returns to EVE Online

The Anger Games tournament is returning to EVE Online for three weekends later this year. Here's what you need to know.

PSA: EVE Online Abyssal Proving Grounds Event Ends Tomorrow

Here's a friendly PSA. If you've been enjoying EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds event, it ends tomorrow.

You Can Check Out Your 2020 EVE Online Achievements in a Personalized Video

2020 was a pretty busy year for EVE Online. Because of that, you can check out everything you accomplished in game through a personalized video.

CCP Games Announce EVE Online Partnership Program

CCP Games announced a new EVE Online partnership program for players, content creators, and more.

Memory Improvements Coming to EVE Online

On the back of several massive battles in EVE Online, you may have noticed that performance has been chugging.

EVE Online Players Donated Over $130,000 to COVID-19 Relief Through PLEX for Good Initiative

We begin today with some good news. EVE Online players have raised over $130,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts through CCP Game's PLEX for Good initiative.

EVE Online Launches Supercarriers, Bounties, and Encounter Surveillance System Changes

Several updates have hit EVE Online, virtually overhauling supercarriers, bounties, and the Encounter Surveillance System.