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You Can Check Out Your 2020 EVE Online Achievements in a Personalized Video

2020 was a pretty busy year for EVE Online. Because of that, you can check out everything you accomplished in game through a personalized video.

CCP Games Announce EVE Online Partnership Program

CCP Games announced a new EVE Online partnership program for players, content creators, and more.

Memory Improvements Coming to EVE Online

On the back of several massive battles in EVE Online, you may have noticed that performance has been chugging.

EVE Online Players Donated Over $130,000 to COVID-19 Relief Through PLEX for Good Initiative

We begin today with some good news. EVE Online players have raised over $130,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts through CCP Game's PLEX for Good initiative.

EVE Online Launches Supercarriers, Bounties, and Encounter Surveillance System Changes

Several updates have hit EVE Online, virtually overhauling supercarriers, bounties, and the Encounter Surveillance System.

CCP is Updating EVE Online's Encounter Surveillance System

CCP, developer of EVE Online, is introducing some pretty big upgrades to the Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) with the newest version almost ready for release.

Halloween Arrives in EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest Event

Halloween has arrived in EVE Echoes has the Crimson Harvest event leads the charge.

EVE Online Now Officially Holds Two Guinness World Records in the Largest Battle in Game History

CCP and Guinness World Records have officially shared that EVE Online now holds two records for the largest battle in video game history.

Latest EVE Online Pulse Looks at Nullsec War and Phoenix Quadrant

The latest episode of EVE Online's Pulse video series is back talking about the Phoenix Quadrant and more.

CCP Introduces Dynamic Bounty System to EVE Online

CCP has introduced a new Dynamic Bounty System into EVE Online. Here are some details.

Here Are The Highlights of EVE Online's Second Battle of 319

The Second Battle of 319 took place over the weekend in EVE Online where yet another Keepstar was destroyed.

EVE Echoes Crosses 2 Million Players, Japanese Localization Arriving to EVE Online

If you've been playing EVE Echoes, it looks like you're one in a million. Literally.

CCP Unveils EVE Online's Resource Distribution Update and People Are Not Happy

CCP has outlined the latest update targeting resource distribution in EVE Online, and, well, people aren't happy.

EVE Online Server Issues Plague 'Supposed Battle of 49-U'

In the ever-evolving universe that is EVE Online, a massive battle took place last night. Or at least, it tried.

EVE Online Players Helped Provide Nearly 150 Years Worth of COVID-19 Research

In some much-needed good news, it seems like EVE Online players have submitted millions of data classifications towards COVID-19 research.