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Here Are The Highlights of EVE Online's Second Battle of 319

The Second Battle of 319 took place over the weekend in EVE Online where yet another Keepstar was destroyed.

EVE Echoes Crosses 2 Million Players, Japanese Localization Arriving to EVE Online

If you've been playing EVE Echoes, it looks like you're one in a million. Literally.

CCP Unveils EVE Online's Resource Distribution Update and People Are Not Happy

CCP has outlined the latest update targeting resource distribution in EVE Online, and, well, people aren't happy.

EVE Online Server Issues Plague 'Supposed Battle of 49-U'

In the ever-evolving universe that is EVE Online, a massive battle took place last night. Or at least, it tried.

EVE Online Players Helped Provide Nearly 150 Years Worth of COVID-19 Research

In some much-needed good news, it seems like EVE Online players have submitted millions of data classifications towards COVID-19 research.

EVE Online's Rolling Thunder Update Goes Live Tomorrow

EVE Online's latest update, Rolling Thunder, is set to go live tomorrow September 22. The new update will bring about a new balance pass for the new EDENCOM ship lines.

CCP's Hilmar Petursson Talks Eve Echoes, Iceland's Gaming Scene

Hilmar Veigar P├ętursson, CEO of EVE Online developer CCP Games, recently sat down with Country Reports to discuss EVE Echoes, and Iceland's gaming scene.

EVE Echoes Has Surpassed 1 Million Players

CCP announced recently that EVE Echoes has surpassed one million players since its release on August 13.

EVE Online Patch Fixes Issue When Viewing Wrecks

New patch notes for EVE Online are here, bringing about Version 18.08.

EVE Online Patch Notes Bring Several Fixes to Gameplay, UI

CCP has issued patch notes for EVE Online which touch on several fixes for gameplay, UI, and UI.

EVE Online May Be On the Brink of Another Player War

Well folks, it looks like the gears of war are grinding again in EVE Online.

EVE Online Players Elect New Stellar Management Council

The 15th Council of Stellar Management has been elected by EVE Online players.

EVE Online Player Nabs $60,000 Worth in Items

Well, it looks like one player in EVE Online has nabbed over $60,000 worth of items.

EVE Online Reflects on 17th Anniversary, While Providing Updates on PLEX for GOOD, Quadrant 2, More

In a letter by CCP Hellmar to the EVE Online community, the CEO looks to the 17th anniversary of the game in addition to sharing updates on PLEX for GOOD and other news.