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The Creation Catalyst Comes to World of Warcraft This Week to Let You Get Tier Set Pieces You Need

The Creation Catalyst, which lets you transform a gear piece into a tier set piece of equal level, makes its debut in World of Warcraft this week.

The Shadowmoon Faire Returns to World of Warcraft, With Quests, Rides, Loot, and Games With a Twist

World of Warcraft gets the returning Darkmoon Faire, which will be open for one week every month to offer games, rides, challenges, quests, and rewards to earn.

WoW Shadowlands Season 3 Opens, With Sepulcher of the First Ones, Class Sets, and Solo Shuffle

Shadowlands Season 3 is here for World of Warcraft, with the Eternity's End additions Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, Tazavesh Market dungeon, new class sets, Solo Shuffle, and more.

Eternity's End is Now Live, With the Huge Update Closing Out Shadowlands

Eternity's End is now live for World of Warcraft, with the huge update bringing Shadowlands to a close.

Take an In-Depth Look at Zereth Mortis and Your Options in Eternity's End

World of Warcraft will get Eternity's End in just a few days. Blizzard takes us deep into Zereth Mortis, with its secrets to be discovered, new options, and lessons on just what is possible.

World of Warcraft Eternity's End Will Let You Craft Battle Pets and Mounts Via Synthesis Forges

Eternity's End is coming to World of Warcraft next week. Blizzard has revealed the Synthesis Forge system for crafting battle pets and mounts you can explore.

Eternity's End is Coming to World of Warcraft on February 22nd

Get ready to fly, take on new raids, gear up with class sets in new ways, take on new campaign, and more in Worl of Warcraft: Shadowlands Eternity's End, when it launches on February 22nd

Blizzard Details Upcoming Eternity's End Class Set Changes coming to the PTR

Class set changes, including to drops, and how to craft pieces is getting an overhaul in World of Warcraft. Now this highlight of Eternity's End gets some new details before heading to the PTR.

World of Warcraft Delays an Arena and Will Disable Shards of Domination in 9.2 Content

World of Warcraft is getting a major shift with Shards of Domination for 9.2, and one of the new planned Arenas is delayed.

World of Warcraft Eternity's End Cinematic Reveals New Sylvanas Model, PTR Updates Add More Campaign and Flying

Blizzard releases Eternity's End cinematic featuring a new Sylvanas model and spoilers. While the latest 9.2 PTR update for World of Warcraft adds more campaign chapters, set bonus changes, and flying in Zereth Mortis.

Discover Zereth Mortis, a New Raid, and Campaign Quests as World of Warcraft Eternity's End PTR Opens

World of Warcraft is headed toward its next chapter, with update 9.2, Eternity's End, now on the PTR.

World of Warcraft Eternity's End Gearing Previewed, and PTR to Open Soon

With Eternity's End update revealed last week, the WoW community has been asking about when the PTR might be available. No date yet, but there is some sweet armor news.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Update 9.2, Eternity's End, Detailed

The story of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be coming to its conclusion with the release of Update 9.2, Eternity's End. With it will come a new zone, take on a new raid and see the return of class tier sets.