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Riot Games and AWS Partner for New Esports Tech, Including First Ever Stats, Power Rankings, and More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is teaming up with Riot Games for new ways to apply AWS tech to esports content and distribution.

Blizzard Details WoW Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Changes As Publisher Announces 15th Anniversary 2022 Esports Events

World of Warcraft is getting a bevy of changes coming to Burning Crusade Classic in Phase 3, though that's not the only thing Blizzard is working towards this year. The publisher is prepping this year's round of esports events, celebrating 15 years with a $1.8 Million prize pool.

World of Tanks Blitz's North America Cup Starts Tonight Vying For Part Of A $50K Prize Pool

World of Tanks: Blitz's North America Cup kicks off tonight, with the best teams in the region squaring off for a piece of a $50,000 prize pool. The Blitz North America Cup sees four teams take the stage and compete for the champion title in this third part of the biggest regional World of Tanks Blitz tournament.

Spend Your Weekend With WoW's Best Dungeon Runners in the Mythic Dungeon International Finals

The season end of the Mythic Dungeon International global finals will take place this weekend in World of Warcraft, with a $300,000 pool on the line awaiting the fastest and best in dungeons.

Zephyr PRO RGB Gaming Mouse Review

The Marsback Zephyr PRO RGB gaming mouse promises to take a bit of the sweat out of sweaty gameplay sessions with its honeycomb design and built-in fan. Join us as we take a look at this peculiar peripheral and answer the age-old question: does it really work?

SMITE's Esports Broadcasts Have Been Canceled This Weekend At The Last Minute, No Reason Given By Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez's SMITE was slated to take the stage this weekend in its esports competitions, however the studio announced today that the broadcasts would be "postponed," without expressly stating why.

This Week in World of Warcraft - the Arena World Championship Cup Begins this Friday

Blizzard has posted a short video letting players know what to expect this week in World of Warcraft. The video reminds players that Torghast: Beasts of Prodigum is ready to play now, but it also points to the start of the Arena World Championship Cup #1 starting Friday.

Riot Announces Valorant Ignition Series

Riot has announced Valorant's Ignition Series, with the goal of building a "robust competitive ecosystem" for the game.

Valorant Review - Addicting, Fun, Flawed

For the last week, I've been heavily playing Riot Games' latest foray, Valorant. With several hours under me, Valorant accomplishes many things, notably, reminding us that Riot does indeed know how to build core gameplay experiences. However, it is not without its share of frustrations and flaws. This is our review of Valorant.