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ESO's Scions Of Ithelia And U41 Is Now Available To Test On The Public Test Server

The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Scions of Ithelia and Update 41 are now available to test on the PTS.

Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Event Brings Holiday Quests and Rewards

The Elder Scrolls Online New Life Winter Festival event is coming soon, and with it players can expect new Merry quests, XP boosts, Holiday Loot boxes and more. 

MMO Holiday Event Round-Up - 2023 Edition

While everyone else is sipping eggnog and watching old Christmas movies for the millionth time, gamers around the world will be logging into their favorite MMO to slay all sorts of beasts and collect fantastic rewards. While some developers remain on the naughty list for another year, some of our favorite MMOs made the nice list by adding tons of new quests, challenges, and presents. 

Which MMO Do You Think Has The Best Outfit System?

Cosmetic systems can oftentimes be the end-game for many players in an MMO. But not all cosmetic or outfit systems are made equal.

Is There An MMO You Wish Had An Expansive Free Trial?

While we've all likely heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV with its free trial, Bradford is wondering if there are other MMOs out there that could benefit from an expansive trial.

Exploring Tamriel: Reaper's March and the Mane

Players in the Elder Scrolls Online can experience the game's chapters in any order they choose at any level. Each year Kevin starts a new character to do just that. In Part Six, the Khajiit are in a state of crisis as Reaper's March is under siege by Imperials.

Grab The Elder Scrolls Online For Free On Epic Games Store Until July 27th

It looks like the leak last week was true, as The Elder Scrolls Online is free on the Epic Games Store now through July 27th. It's just the base game, but it's a start if you've never dove into the MMO before.

Rumors Swirl That The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Free On Epic Next Week Alongside Fortnite Crossover

Epic Games' next round of free games is slated to arrive on July 20th with ZeniMax's MMO The Elder Scrolls Online headlining. This is while rumors are swirling that the next Fortnite crossover will include the Elder Scrolls Online.

Exploring Tamriel: The Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha

Players in the Elder Scrolls Online can experience the game's chapters in any order they choose at any level. With the Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom release Kevin has explored the new zones with an Imperial Arcanist. This travel guide covers everything from the Telvanni Dark Elf mage mushroom towers to the unending libraries of Apocrypha.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Review In Progress

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom chapter has arrived. Players can explore two new zones while helping the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora unravel a mystery. Check out Kevin's initial impressions about this new adventure, the new companions, and the Arcanist class.

Interview: Talking The Arcanist With Elder Scrolls Online's Combat Lead Brian Wheeler

With a new trailer showing off the Arcanist's combat abilities, The Elder Scrolls Online's Combat Lead Brian Wheeler answered our questions about the new Arcanist class coming in Necrom.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Hosting A Free Play Event Now Through April 17th

The Elder Scrolls Online is giving players a chance to explore Tamriel with friends without any strings attached, hosting a free play event now through April 17th.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Going Back To Morrowind In Necrom, Coming June 5th

In today's Elder Scrolls Online reveal event, ZeniMax Online Studios officially announced Necrom, the next major Chapter update for the MMORPG which will release on June 5th.

Live Blog: Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Hones In On ESO, Redfall And More

Xbox and Bethesda are hosting a Developer_Direct showcase today, highlighting upcoming games for Microsoft's platform in 2023. Among those we know to be included are Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

Elder Scrolls Online Details Process To Transfer Stadia Accounts Over To PC/Mac

The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online has laid out the details for those Stadia players abandoned by Google, giving them a path toward retaining their purchase and progress on the PC and Mac versions of the MMO.