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Working Through Your Games Backlog: What Are Some Strategies You Use To Get Through It?

Many of us have gaming backlogs. It seems to be the current way of gaming, especially when so many of our titles are digital ones we just grab on a sale. But how do you decide which game to finally pick up, or attempt to see you way through this time around?

So It Looks Like Epic's MOBA Paragon Is Coming Back As A Free-To-Play Title

Paragon, one the more ironic victims of Fortnite's success as it was destroyed by a game made by its own company, looks to be getting a revival of sorts. Paragon: The Overprime looks like it's bringing the stunning MOBA back to life as a free-to-play title.

Fortnite Follies: How The Allure Of Epic's Hit Was Too Much To Pass Up

Jason has been playing Fortnite, a game that while he first played it back in 2018, didn't really grip him. Now, though, the recent Mandalorian season sunk its Battle Royale teeth in him. Jason breaks down why he thinks that is, and some thoughts on the global hit in general.

Apple Going After Epic for Damages

The saga between Epic and Apple continues as Apple is now going after Epic for damages.

Borderlands 3 Out Now on Steam, Features Cross-Play Between Steam and Epic

Borderlands 3 is now available on Steam after Epic exclusivity comes to an end, and features PC cross-play between Steam and Epic.